The world as we know it

The new world order

Behind every government is a shadow government. Behind the trade deals are big business. Behind every religion are ulterior motives. Take back your lives people, stop giving your abundance to others who dont deserve it.

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Islam, the UN & global warming

There seems to be an unholy alliance between the UN, Islam & the global warming fraud. All want the same thing – global domination. More and more all are working together to achieve the same ends. Saudi Arabia now heads up the UNs human rights commission – an absolute joke.

This trinity of unelected, unaccountable demons needs further watch & scrutiny


We have seem Saudi investment in our media networks which has resulted in pro Islam coverage of events. 

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Whose word is it anyway?

If the bible is the word of god then let the Catholic Church release all historical documents it has for humanity’s inspection & research otherwise the bible can only be called the word of the church elites.


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Soul searching

Sometimes when this world isn’t enough, it isn’t enough. There is a bigger picture.

For many of us the injustices of this world can be infuriating, where those in power seem to get away with the most heinous crimes whilst new laws abound and the masses are enslaved by them and incarcerated for at times the most minor infractions.

Yet those who think they can thwart the system and treat others as a stepping stone to their own enrichment forget this life is limited – we all die. What we take with us is none of the earthly riches. We take with us records of our actions for which at a life review soon after death in which we experience that which we have inflicted upon others – elation or pain. We then have to meet our guides to see whether we have fulfilled what we came here to do & learnt the lessons we came to learn. Whilst we are not condemn and always encouraged onwards & upwards we cannot escape consequences.

Helen Greaves In her fascinating book Testimony of Light recalls the stories of many who have died and in the afterlife look back who they were in this life & how they treated others. Some are like shrivelled grubs fearly of their shameful selfish behaviour, whereas others radiate life for their service to their fellow souls. Whether we move on or come back to relearn our lessons depends on how we behave in this life time. So thinking we can thwart the systems here is of no solace in the long run to the selfish but brings much peace to those who believe and act in the manner to love & support eachother.

Does this mean we just accept things as they are because ‘justice’ & karma will finally catch up with all? No it means we can fight on stronger, empowered with the knowledge that we are here to create a better world, to love our neighbours as ourselves and to fight for what is right. Our earthly institutions are not the final authorities but simply structures, used and abused. Our heritage and our destiny is love and light and it will totally and utterly prevail.

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UNs army

The UNs army is now around 40,000 and growing, bigger now than the army of many small countries. As Paris climate talks come and the UN gets its 0.7% GDP from every country it can watch that army grow. Yes they call them peacekeepers, but to keep the UNs peace whilst they rob countries of sovereignty.

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Free energy

Would be a great level playing field to have free energy 


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The Islamic UN?

Does it seem that every day the UN promotes more & more the wellbeing of Islam to the destruction of western culture? Or is the UN simply using Islam as a way to achieve its genocidal reduction of global population, let it be the bad guy, after which it will wipe it out. End result billions dead, the planet saved for the elitists and the virus of humanity largely exterminated. Seems like that’s how everything is being put in place. Egypt now heads the human rights council, Europe being invaded and not allowed to close its borders, those who criticise Islam branded as racists under the UNs civil society, but Christians murdered, beheaded etc and UN ignores. Worth pondering what’s really going on with those who demand our taxes in order to destroy us.

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Real refugees dying while others are pandered to 


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Your wallet is a weapon


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To the LNP faithful

To the LNP ‘faithful’   

Note – Turncoat is the name given to Malcolm Turnbull in this piece. 

To the LNP faithful – many of you are now crying foul because many LNP members & voters are choosing to follow their consciences & leave the LNP because against their clearly known wishes the party has elected the insidious & subversive left wing bankster Malcolm Turnbull to lead their right wing party. Worse they installed him intentionally so quickly to ensure that the members & voters had no time to democratically express their fury & outrage as they had previously done (that’s why).  

To the LNP faithful – who want to win the next election I say this – you now have a left wing leader of your right wing party without an election. Do you understand the gravity of that? The Left have won already, they now have Left wing leadership of both sides of politics in this country and the implications of that are horrendously clear – the right wing voice and power is further silenced while that of the left doubly promoted with little obstruction. They don’t need an election now to further their ideals.

To the LNP faithful – Installing the opposition into your leadership could have no other consequence than to rip the party apart – and yet over half your representatives have intentionally allowed that to happen. How many voters would desert the ALP if Tony Abbott got elected as their leader? It’s not rocket science. Turncoats election has reasonably & understandably ripped your party to shreds, the Left are shrieking with laughter at how utterly, utterly stupid your party has been by putting him in power. Turncoat was known to undermine truly conservative Abbott at every term & this is how your party rewarded someone so destructive and deceitful – put him in control. Things will only get worse not better. 

To the LNP faithful who cry we must win the election – don’t you get it, the left don’t need an election now, they win either way as they now control both sides of politics. Yes they can play the election game to keep you entertained but they now have their man where they need – as your leader. Your party claims they will keep Turncoat honest, acknowledging they are fully aware of his duplicity – wow so electing Turncoat as leader means your party has to use a huge amount of time and energy ensuring he doesn’t act like the opposition that he is – CRAZY. Imagine how much insider knowledge he can now easily leak to the ALP & media. That’ll keep even the unwilling troops of your side in line.

To the LNP faithful – the Left have and will use both sides of politics to further their ends . You have clearly seen this in recent years in this Country. The Left will pose as conservatives to get elected (eg Krudd, Oakeshott & Windsor etc) then use those powerful positions to wreak havoc on the right wing voice, redirect funds into left wing coffers & put left wing people in strategic positions of power. They will lie about wanting conservative policies (eg Gillard & Turncoat) simply to get elected, then ditch them after they are in power. The plants like Turncoat purposeful, intentional and repeatedly have and will continue to destroy the right wing influence and voice in politics in this country. (Oakeshott & Windsor denied the LNP Government one election then blocked policy after policy). Why do you blindly expect conniving Turncoat to be any different? He is yet another one in a long line of lying, treasonous traitors from the Left proven to use any means to destroy the Right. He’s even previously crossed the floor right in front of you to advance the Lefts ideology and now your party stupidly of all things makes him leader & blindly expects it to be for the good of the party. Well the party is now half the party that it used to be. That worked out well – NOT! 

The Left are openly congratulating Turncoat on his win – don’t you get it, while you refuse to accept reality they are openly acknowledging what’s going on. Did it ever occur to you Abbott was despised and vilified simply because he was a true conservative and yet for that the party of all things dumped him, vindictively & spitefully 3 days before he would have been entitled to a PMs pension. Turncoat (like Gillard did) is now placing his pawns in all the appropriate positions of power to continue the Lefts goal of totalitarian control (it’s a socialist’s wet dream). Paris is in December and under Turncoat Australia will be a signatory one way or another even if it’s secretly or subversively & if he has his way carbon credits will be traded ASAP in this country. Turncoats been asked numerous times how he will profit from this but he refuses to answer. Now with Turncoat at the helm its no surprises the republic movement is openly relaunching. The media as puppets of the NWO are again mounting pressure for a carbon tax to be reintroduced while loving it up to Turncoat who will not receive the vilification any genuine right wing leader would cop. Everything is going to perfectly to their plan. You fell for the lies they indoctrinated you with.  Turncoat at the right time will be ‘pressured’ to follow his true left wing ideals while pretending to be right. All of this blatantly in plain sight of you.

So yes party faithful you will probably get Turncoat winning the next election that you have sacrificed the party’s principles for, but no, it won’t be for a right wing party – it will be for the center left LNP, there in name but definitely not in right wing spirit. Australia will be sold out to the globalist carbon tax it so decisively rejected at the last recent election.  Your goal of winning the election by sacrificing what the party stood for has ensured the LNP brand will be one that no one with any right wing principles or conscience would want to go near let alone vote for.


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Once a Turnbull snake always a Turnbull snake

Turnbull hasn’t changed, never has, never will, always the NWO wolf pretending to be a lamb of democracy 

if it takes radio & blogs to out Turncoats supporters you know they are neither interested in transparency, accountability or democracy


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The new liberal, national party public relations policy


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The insidious march towards climate communism

The insidious march towards climate communism

Serious questions remain for the LNP about the Turnbull takeover. Firstly, why was a hard left, egotistical & dictatorial member of the party, who represented ALP views, elected as the new leader of a conservative  party – especially when there were many more viable alternative conservative choices for leadership? It was a total betrayal of party policy and a betrayal of the millions of people who had voted for the LNP in the recent federal election. After the LNP disgust & outrage over Gillard being an unelected PM without the peoples consent, the LNP then knowingly stoop to the same level as the ALP and that appallingly with an ALP Trojan horse. When Abbott won the last election on a mandate of a no carbon tax why was Turnbull, who crossed the floor to support a carbon tax chosen when he is the most unlikely and unsuitable leader of the LNP? Why was Turnbull, a failed opposition leader, who was clearly NOT wanted by the party faithful, installed as leader expressly against the known, clear & absolute wishes of the vast majority of the voters who supported the LNP? For these points alone the LNP has demonstrated this week it clearly does NOT govern for those conservatives in this country or those conservatives who voted it in.

Secondly when it was blatantly obvious the smear job that was being done on Abbott since he beat Turnbull, why did his fellow politicians fail to stand by Abbott and support him? Yes we heard the pathetic, cowardly, lying meme that Abbott was failing in the polls, that Abbott wasn’t good at delivery, that Abbott this & that, But all that was a blatant lie, one simply used to placate the electorate, and a lousy excuse appealing to perceived popularism in order to install a devil the people didn’t vote for. 

As part of this process the utterly sickening, repulsive media in this country never gave Abbott a chance & never gave up smearing him, despising him and ruthlessly mocking him. Their hatred & vitriol was unrelenting & for this alone Australians must punish the media in the harshest most absolute way possible for the longest time they can. The media have demonstrated with absolute clarity they have no regard for the truth or the Australian people’s wishes. Whilst we have felt powerless through their nauseating diatribes the best way possible to savage their ruthless & manipulative power is to utterly, totally and permanently refuse to buy any product that is advertised on their vacuous TV channels or in their repulsive papers. 

The LNP behavior only gets worse. Why was the process to install Turnbull so rushed? It was a rushed process primarily because last time they tried to oust Abbott & install Turnbull the Liberal Party faithful got on the phone, emailed, dropped into their local representatives & made it absolutely clear they did NOT want Turnbull & would resign from the party if he was made leader. There was, has been and never will be any doubt in the minds of ALL LNP politicians that Turnbull was absolutely, definitely & totally not wanted by the liberal party membership as the leader of the party. Turnbull & Bishop backed down then & waited for a more opportune time, this week, and done it in such haste that there was no time for we the people to engage or to express our outrage to them prior to the vote, effectively completely and utterly shutting down any sense of democracy within the party. The act of LNP politicians silencing their own members before the spill is the most appalling act, doing it to install a leader that was clearly not wanted is utterly repulsive.

The Nationals likewise, rather than waiting for their conference in a weeks time, have signed up with Turnbull overnight again removing the right of the people for any democratic process or input. The rush to exclude we the people in any meaningful way makes them just as bad if not worse than the liberals. Do they expect us to believe that they would renegotiate a deal overnight where they reputedly got an extra $4 billion in bribes or is it more believable that this has been planned to precision in horse trading behind closed doors where the voice of Australian voters is not just ignored but purposely silenced. Where is the democracy in being told after the fact what has been decided?

And yet it gets worse. We are now told they just want to move on and heal. After excluding the very people that supported them and voted them in they now want to whitewash the whole sickening episode & further reinforce their refusal to be either accountable or transparent to the electorate. Really, you the LNP have just utterly betrayed your voter base & their known wishes in the most deceptive, manipulative & subversive way, betraying in action all the principles as the party you claimed to champion. Understandably to most people all you represent now is utter filth.  

If there is anything good that has come out of this is that the traitors have made themselves known. Yet while publicly trying to whitewash their own actions and images, crying crocodile tears on camera, showing false remorse as they go on behaving in the same way doing whatever they please, making decisions in private & treating Australia like mushrooms. I get the feeling if we all let them just get on with THEIR job they would be a lot happier.  Problem is they are doing their job, not the job we elected them to do. Which of them objected, which  of them spoke out, which of them stood up for the rights of the people to have a say or a voice?. As a further insult even now they cowardly refuse to acknowledge who of them supported turncoat Turnbull in the ‘secret’ ballot thereby demonstrating their ongoing refusal for accountability & transparency to all Australians.

People deserve to be furious as these scumbags quickly try and move on as though we the people are simply collateral damage to their actions. The LNP have demonstrated they are no different to the ALP in action, speech and appallingly now policy too. The duopoly of Australian politics has hit rock bottom, both parties like the media deserve to go extinct. Yet they naively expect us to believe that having a 

So here we are with a unwanted bankster, NWO puppet as Prime Minister, installed not by the popular vote but by those who claim to champion democracy. What a joke. The hollow men & women of the LNP should hang their heads in shame. If you naively expect that ol turncoat will do your bidding you are more stupid than you have demonstrated by action this week to be. And stop treating the people as idiots, you were elected to represent us, not discard us. You clearly and absolutely know we don’t want a carbon tax, an ETS or any other globalist tax that thieves power & wealth from the hands of Australians, and gives it to some unelected, unaccountable jerk in the UN in Brussels. That is treason. It is betrayal. It is acting in the interests of our enemies and for that we will severely punish you.


Conservative representation has been continuously under assault in Australia in recent years. Windsor & Oakeshott portrayed themselves as conservatives to win office in their areas, then declared their true socialist tendencies after election intentionally subverting much of the direction Australia wanted. Krudd did the same when he campaigned as John Howard lite in the Kevin 07 deception only to turn out to be a UN wannabe throwing tens of millions of our money at the globalist causes to bribe his future UN ambitions. Gillard lied about a carbon tax then brought one in. Turnbull pretends to be conservative but is anything but. While the majority of those in this country vote for a conservative government, political liars & thieves like those above have no problem deceiving the public to gain positions of power to achieve their own subversive socialist & NWO ends. Turnbull is the epitome of that behavior & the LNP, regardless of how they assure us in public he will be fine, have just given the socialist devil a free pass & that from the controlling position of their party.

The socialist side of politics repeatedly demonstrates it will stoop to any level to forward it ugly and destructive ideals & courtesy of the duplicity of LNP actions we are now cursed to see that sadly at its most destructive level yet with Turnbull. The Paris climate conference isn’t that far away so the NWO clock is firmly ticking.

We were warned of this


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Whatever it takes

Like him or hate him Tony Abbott had one thing that the Krudds, Gillards, Shortens & Turnbulls of the political world never had and that’s integrity. A man who did community work, who considered others, who looked after his own health, who had a loving family, who had a mortgage & did not aspire to great wealth Abbott was more like any of us than those before or after him.

Yet the media demonized Abbott. It unrelentingly attacked him for the smallest perceived injustice, and if they couldn’t find any they fabricated them. Their hatred and vitriol was palpable, sickening, constant & utterly dishonest. Yet in comparison the crooks before & after Abbott did the most appalling things but were covered, protected and defended by the media. Why? 

I like many others believe it simply comes back to global governance. Tony Abbott consistent with the voting publics mandate ended the carbon tax, a global governance tax that would fund the UN’s increasing power as a global government. The 0.7% of GDP that the UN demands of every country in the world would make trillions for a small group of self appointed messiahs in Europe who refuse accountability to Australians on the other side of the world. Just remember, the more power in the fewer hands the less power in the hands of the many.

The globalist elites onward march to absolute control is personified in Krudd, Gillard, Shorten & Turnbull. All show treasonous unwavering belief in and support of the UN and crave positions in the global government, and are more than happy to use your taxes, hundreds of millions of it if need be to secure their positions within this corrupt institution & further their own empire all at cost to you. For them the end justifies the means and they will stoop to any level, lie, deceive, kill to achieve their ends. And regardless of their corruption, their behavior, they will be protected and covered by the media another lapdog of the global elite, controlling what you think. Abbott because he didn’t follow the Piper was demonized, attacked and vilified and look how so many unthinking sheople just lapped it up and regurgitated the hatred.

The patterns are there if you take the time to look. Turnbull is not democratically elected but ‘installed’ like we have seen of the new Prime Ministers in Greece & Italy and other nations as well. Often they are bankers, like John Keys in NZ. Yes it’s all about connections & all about the money and all planned. Turncoat will bring back the carbon tax in whatever way his media advisers say is the most palatable. What you think doesn’t matter. These advisers paid for by your taxes will research the best way to manipulate you for the Governments ends.

Who are the losers from all of this? Well time will tell. But a lot of the problem is us. 

Unless we change, those in power never will. Unless we make the effort to do things differently they will see as us as they do now, as backboneless sheep who are happy to contribute to their obscene wages & bonuses & lifestyles year in year out. Is that you?  How can you change? 

Rule No. 1 – Ignore the monsters fearmongering. Firstly, turn off the lying, thieving media that wants to control how you see the world and how you live. Don’t waste your time on its effluent. With the internet there are many other sources you can now get much better information on world events, personal health, what’s important etc. Or would you prefer to hear about the inconsequential imbeciles like the Kardashians day in and day out, while also being bombarded with how evil we the little people are whilst the political & banking class commit the most appalling crimes with the cloak of secrecy and the lie of impunity. Did anyone in the ALP go to jail for the 1200 boat deaths as a result of their policies? Or pink batts? Or the Heiner Affair? Or the AWU fraud? The list goes on. Reality check, there are 2 sets of rules, the growing one used to control you for the smallest infractions.

Rule No. 2 – Don’t feed the monsters. Secondly refuse to buy from those who support the lying media with their advertising revenue. Coles & Woolworths would be a good start to boycott, the duopoly that has ruined so many farmers, businesses and lives already in Australia through their manipulative business practices. If you can’t make the effort to simply change how you shop then don’t complain about the selfishness & ruthlessness of those you give your hard earned money to, you are the one who is funding them.

Rule No. 3 Take responsibility for your own life & don’t give it to anyone else. Decide who you are and that what you want is important and is worth the effort. ‘Whatever it takes’ is a great slogan to really move forward. If you can’t grow your own food then make the effort find a trustworthy & reliable source that you can get it from – free of pesticides, fungicides & herbicides. Get a decent water supply free of the mass medication and carcinogens that are added daily to it. Turn off the idiot box and make the time to think through the real issues, what your values are, how you want to live your life. Empower yourself & those around you.

The concept of governance is that we as a nation pool part of our income to fund a small group of local individuals to work for the common local good. With every passing day that is less & less the case. Most of our laws are now decided in Brussels by a group of unelected, unaccountable megalomaniacs who feel they have the right to take your money and decide how you live your life – democracy is dead. We are now run by a foreign entity who many of our leaders are willingly subservient to, where our laws come from and where we have little if no say or control. 

Let’s get back to taking our communities & nation back. Let’s get our local Councils out of the UNs tentacles and away from the Agenda21. Let’s believe in ourselves again. 

Local government elections are in September 2016. There are enough of us across this great land so disenfranchised with the system that betrays us that we can make a difference, a huge one. After that is Federal & State elections. We can work together towards the common good, we can say so NO to those who seek to control us and we can say YES to a future that we decide. Whatever it takes.

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Those who war on our country

A fascinating book, well worth a read; (received via email)

Australia’s Secret War by Hal Colbatch


As the Abbott government begins to take on union power and corruption, a timely new book reveals the union movement’s role in one of the most shameful periods of Australian history.

What the wharfies did to Australian troops – and their nation’s war effort – between 1939 and 1945 is nothing short of an abomination.

Perth lawyer Hal Colebatch has done the nation a service with his groundbreaking book, Australia’s Secret War, telling the untold story of union bastardry during World War 2.

Using diary entries, letters and interviews with key witnesses, he has pieced together with forensic precision the tale of how Australia’s unions sabotaged the war effort; how wharfies vandalised, harassed, and robbed Australian troop ships, and probably cost lives.

One of the most obscene acts occurred in October, 1945, at the end of the war, after Australian soldiers were released from Japanese prison camps. They were half dead, starving and desperate for home. But when the British aircraft-carrier HMS Speaker brought them into Sydney Harbour, the wharfies went on strike. For 36 hours, the soldiers were forced to remain on-board, tantalisingly close to home. This final act of cruelty from their countrymen was their thanks for all the sacrifice.

Colebatch coolly recounts outrage after outrage.

There were the radio valves pilfered by waterside workers in Townsville which prevented a new radar station at Green Island from operating. So when American dive bombers returning from a raid on a Japanese base were caught in an electrical storm and lost their bearings, there was no radio station to guide them to safety. Lost, they ran out of fuel and crashed, killing all 32 airmen.

Colebatch quotes RAAF serviceman James Ahearn, who served at Green Island, where the Australians had to listen impotently to the doomed Americans’ radio calls: “The grief was compounded by the fact that had it not been for the greed and corruption on the Australian waterfront such lives would not have been needlessly lost.”

Almost every major Australian warship was targeted throughout the war, with little intervention from an enfeebled Prime Minister Curtin.

There was the deliberate destruction by wharfies of vehicles and equipment, theft of food being loaded for soldiers, snap strikes, go-slows, demands for “danger money” for loading biscuits.

Then there were the coal strikes which pushed down coal production between 1942 and 1945 despite the war emergency. There were a few honourable attempts to resist union leaders, such as the women working in a small arms factory in Orange, NSW, who refused to strike and “pelted union leaders with tomatoes and eggs”.

This is a tale of the worst of Australia amid the best, the valour and courage of our soldiers in New Guinea providing our last line of defence against Japanese, only to be forced onto starvation rations and to “go easy on the ammo” because strikes by the wharfies back home prevented supplies from reaching them.

A planned rescue of Australian POWs in Borneo late in the war apparently had to be abandoned, writes Colebatch, because a wharf strike in Brisbane meant the ships had no heavy weapons.

There was no act too low for the unionists. For instance, in 1941, hundreds of soldiers on board a ship docked in Fremantle entrusted personal letters to wharfies who offered to post them in return for beer money. The letters never arrived.

At one point in 1942 a US Army colonel became so frustrated at the refusal of Townsville wharfies to load munitions unless paid quadruple time, he ordered his men to throw the unionists into the water and load the guns themselves.

In Adelaide, American soldiers fired sub-machine guns at wharfies deliberately destroying their aircraft engines by dropping them from great heights.

Australian soldiers had to draw bayonets to stop the same Adelaide wharfies from stealing food meant for troops overseas.

You will read this book with mounting fury.

Colebatch offers various explanations for the treasonous behaviour of the unions. Many of the leaders were Communists obsessed with class warfare. Fervent “identity politics” led them to believe they were victims, and that servicemen and women were “puppets of capitalism whose lives were of no consequence”.

Contrary to popular belief, strikes and sabotage continued to the end of the war, even after the Soviet Union became an ally, writes Colebatch, who contends that the Australian Left may have wanted to undermine the military in preparation for revolution after the war.

Whatever the reasons for the defective morality of those unionists who sabotaged our war effort, the traitors have never been brought to account.

This story has been largely suppressed for 70 years because Labor and the Left have successfully controlled the narrative of history. But no more, thanks to Colebatch.

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Free energy, LENR & cold fusion

Chiefio has a great article on low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) with the possibility of very very cheap electricity http://chiefio.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/lenr-year-of-answers/ worth while getting up to speed on what could be an incredible revolution

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Great apps for knowing what’s in your food

All you have to do is walk in a supermarket to see the utter, abysmal failure of our food authorities in protecting big business while failing the health of the populace. Row after row of sugary, salty, fatty chemical experiments full of artificial flavours and sweeteners, preservatives etc while raw milk and cheese, and labelling of GM ingredients is strictly not allowed.

With these new apps you can take back food knowledge from those who thieve your taxes but refuse to be accountable or transparent to you, your desires and your needs.

Digestible – http://digestable.co a great app so you know what’s in the science experiment on the shelf. Does it really have food in it? What are all those chemicals listed? What isn’t?

Buycott – http://www.buycott.com Barcode scanner – scan the products, are there GMs? Are they linked to Monsanto? What about animal testing & cruelty?

Fooducate – http://www.fooducate.com Does it have aspartame, nitrates & other nasties that are bad for your health?

These apps help you take responsibility for what you put in your mouth. Give them a go.

More here;


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Teslas quantum energy generator


Article from hopegirl anyone who has got this machine to work, would love to hear.

An average modern household requires 5-10KW of power to operate.

A conventional generator needs 15KW to produce 10KW of power.

To produce these 15KW of power we rely on gas, diesel, propane, coal or other products that can be metered creating profits for the oil industry.

130 years ago Nikola Tesla invented and patented an energy generator. This is a resonance machine that only needs 1KW of input power to produce 10KW of output power. His patents are now in the public domain.

The Fix the World Organization has reproduced Teslas design with a few modern twists to generate the same results. Our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) provides 10KW of power output for less than 1KW input, which it supplies to itself.

We have freely given this technology to the people of the world. We’ve open sourced a full set of instructions, user manual, schematics and parts list for any engineer to follow and reproduce the same results.

How the QEG works:

First we use a starting power source, such as an outlet or a crank to power the 1 horsepower motor. This motor spins the rotor in the generator core. The unique oscillator circuitry configuration in the generator core causes resonance to occur. Once the core achieves this resonance it can produce up to 10KW of power, which can then be run through an inverter to power the motor that spins the rotor. You can then unplug the motor from the original power source and the generator will power itself.

Cottage Industry Community Units specifically for the production of QEG’s are NOW developing in communities in 30+ countries. The People are making their own free energy devices.

The QEG belongs to humanity now. Many will make further improvements and we will all co-develop this practical bridge technology together.

The QEG: For the People and By the People

Fix the World is currently traveling to Taiwan, London and Morocco for the month of April to help communities build QEG’s. Everything we have accomplished has been made possible by the donations of people like you. If you would like to help keep us going, every little bit helps! Please consider giving back and making a donation of any amount to the Fix the World Organization. By Clicking here:

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Bolt outs himself, it’s not about principles but about a turf war

Today I lost a lot of respect for Andrew Bolt. The principles he has so loftily proclaimed, the bias he frequently denied, the impartial ideals Bolt has held so high against others, came crashing down as he showed all he was and is really interested in was pushing the agenda of his own little boys club. Nothing to do with principles & yet just like the way the union movement runs, only under another name;


As Bolt gloats over the over representation of Catholics in parliament does he fail to remember that he attacked the unions with the same argument, or the greens or the ABC? All these years has Bolt simply been projecting accusing others of what he has been doing? I get it catholic politicians were furious that the unions took over their beloved ALP, but is that all Bolts principles over the years come down to – a hypocritical, lying, two faced turf war where principle are disposable, the ends justifies the means?

For most Australians of a faith, or no faith, with a spirituality or none – we all crave a government that is not based on the vested interest of a select elite group salivating over & manoeuvring for power in order to push their own religious, ideological, political or business interests. We crave politicians who believe in the separation of church/ideology and state. Politicians who fairly & reasonably serve the common good, protect us from eachother not ourselves and who truly believe in equality and civil rights for all, instead of vacuously and deceitfully championing free speech but then celebrating when their mates are over represented in parliament while other large segments of the population have their voice diminished.

Like the greens faith, Bolts faith has blinded him, and it is quite apparent now he raged against the ugliness in the greens he tried to ignore in himself. For he is guilty of exactly what he campaigned against. So was OFarrell simply collateral damage for the catholic boys club power moves as they get yet another boy from the catholic club as premier? Are we seeing just more of the same stacking of the seats of power to push agendas that only represent an elite group of self congratulating, back slapping, jobs for the boys clubs rather than serving the best interests and will of the populace at large? Time will tell but Bolt has gloatingly outed himself as a partisan player, like Tony Jones & the ABC interested in only his agenda. A very slippery slope indeed.

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Monsanto magic

Monsanto magic


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