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One faith to rule them all

Going to hell in a green basket. As world leaders rush towards signing the Copenhagen treaty in only a matter of weeks  (December this year) we have to ask why has the legal implications of this treaty have not been discussed with the populace, why have we heard so little of the contents and heard so little of the implications of it for us all.

It is vitally important you read the treaty – it is linked here.

The video by Christopher Monckton explaining the treaty and its implications is here. A radio interview with Monckton about the treaty is here. There are commentaries on the treaty here and here. And finally some mainstream media coverage here, here, here, here and lots more here.

The devil is definately in the details. What is this treaty all about? Its about a NGO (Non Government Organisation), that is non elected and non democratic being given power to basically rule the world. As Countries sign this Copenhagen treaty then this agreement will supercede each signing country’s constitution. Countries will lose their sovereignty, their democratic right to object to it and their ability to unilaterally withdraw from this treaty. This treaty will have powers to tax the world on the basis of carbon – the basic building block of life. Carbon is in virtually everything, especially everything that mankind uses so there is very little in the world as we know it that will be outside their powers. In the first five years they are saying the world will need to pay them $170 billion dollars per year but that figure is likely to climb significantly as they will have the power to make and change the rules as they please. As they are not elected representatives you will have no rights or powers to object. Already green armies are being assembled in different countries to enforce their green rules – your house and your lifestyle will be audited. Get ready to say goodbye to the freedoms and pleasures you currently enjoy. Your children if they are allowed to survive (see below) will not know the freedoms or benefits we currently take for granted.

Our puppet leaders care nothing for the populace as they sell our future to these watermelons. There is a saying throw a socialist out the window and an environmentalist walks in the door. They are called watermelons because they are green on the outside and red on the in. With the fall of communism many moved in and hijacked the green movement where it has become not about the environment (all the natural climate cycles are now ignored) but simply about computer models. Where have our elected representatives been as this has gone on? Where have they raised the issues of democracy and sovereignty? We have been told repeatedly regarding global warming alarmism that the debate is over – but there has never been debate. If you look at the facts versus the alarmism then we see realityof a cooling world is quite different from the ‘earth has a fever’ fear campaign.

This will be the one faith to rule them all. With the advent of this socialist treaty dont expect any freedom – intellectual or spiritual. They want to save the earth from us, they don’t see us as part of nature, they see us as a disease, and diseases are to be exterminated!. We have already been denied any debate over this treaty and over climate alarmism. Though the hallmark of science is to question they derided those who questioned their pseudo science as ‘deniers’, honest scientists were blacklisted, snowballed and had their funding cut. They are not interested in truth but control. Where have our intellectual and spiritual leaders been on this? Appallingly silent – they have failed us, and they continue to do so in their blind apathy to the point where now we stand to lose all the freedoms our forefathers fought and preciously died for.

The silence of the traditional media has been deafening. I ask you which of these stories have you read about as front page news this year? (data and opinion links added)

1. Record current sun inactivity fortells future ice age
See the site solarcycle24 for current sun statistics and forums discussing sun activity.
the resilient earth for details on the mpact of low sun inactivity.

2. Antarctica largest on record, continues 50 year cooling trend.
NSIDC (National snow and ice data centre) for charts on Antarctica sea ice
American Senate for data on Antarctica

3. Artic sea ice rebounds at 500,000 km2 per year. At this rate Washington frozen by end of century.
NSIDC (National snow and ice data centre) for charts on Arctic sea ice
IJIS Data for sea ice extent

4. Sea level diminishing not rising
Climate change facts Claim that sea level is rising is fraud
British telegraph article The greatest lie ever told
Climate change fraud The Maldives care

5. Hurricane activity at record low
Climate audit reveals 30 year low in hurricane activity
Prison planet looks at storm activity.

6. Sea surface temperatures dropping
Bob Tisdale

7. Peer reviewed science and actual observations show world is cooling for over a decade and will continue to do so
Whats up with that

Climate Depot

8. The cold kills a lot more than the warmth
UK Daily Mail

9. Growing seasons shortening, food security threatened, food shortages ahead.
Food shortage USA

10. Record cold and snow around the world. World cooling trend now over a decade long.
Ice Age Now

11. Polar bear populations increasing. Leading polar bear expert shunned because he is a global warming skeptic.
Heartland Institute
Small Dead Animals

12. UN IPCC corruption and biased peer review of own work by small group of scientists.
John McLean

13. Scientists who oppose global warming alarmism growing exponentially.
USA Senate

14. Natural climate cycles dictate future climate.


15. Al Gore – chief hypocrite of many, wealth approaches $1 billion. Global governance the real aim.
Urban legends
Climate Depot
Left, right and centre

16. Exile for non global warming alarmism believers
Science and public policy

17. Real climate a front for Fenton communications – per per view ‘science’
Activist cash

18. Green movement socialism. Earth hour – Lenins birthday. Ecoterrorism
Winning Green
Cap mag
Green is the new red

19. Humour – A complete list of things caused by global warming

20. Global warming as religion and not science



Says a lot about the media when most people would not have read any of the above.

Heat or eat – you can have one but not both. Already our puppet governments are increasing the cost of power and water to make us conserve more and to stop the non existent global warming. Yet the world is cooling and that cooling is deepening – scientists say potentially for at least for another 2 decades. When the cold kills many more than the warmth how many will be forced into fuel poverty where they can’t afford to keep warm? As the cold decimates growing seasons and the price of food skyrockets – how will people afford to eat. Why then are trillions wasted on the fraud of global warming, wasted on a solution that will produce no benefit to the climate whilst at the same time the well being and lives of hundreds of millions is intentionally put at increasing risk. What of the homeless or the poor or the elderly? How many of our loved ones will needlessly die because of these appalling government actions?

TAKE ACTION. What can you do? We must act and we must act now! Work through the checklist as follows;

UPDATE; Christopher Monckton has mentioned in the radio interview linked above that our politicians and people can sign an Instrument of repudiation that he is currently getting prepared. One for Americans is now online here. Keep watch for future developments.

1. Send this email/link to everyone you know and ask them to email everyone in their email list. We need to get the word out. Post links on social networking sites as well, anywhere we can get exposure. Print, photocopy and circulate to those around you. Lets get as much exposure as possible. Lets get people talking, debating and acting for our common benefit before we lose it all.

2. Contact your elected political representative/s and demand that they do NOT support the Copenhagen treaty. Demand they actively oppose it and refuse to sign it. If they want to proceed with it against the interests and wellbeing of the people then check your constitution to see how they can be removed and charged. They have failed in their duty of care and as such are liable. Also get details of lobbying of your elected representatives by green groups and green organisations. Follow the money trail and see where government green grants have gone. Take action.

3. Stop any and all financial support for any political, business or environmental group that supports the fraud of global warming. This includes stopping subscriptions to groups and magazines that continue to push climate alarmism. Do not buy any products from companies that support global warming. For example recently NIKE and Apple withdrew from the American Chamber of Commerce because it quite reasonably wanted global warming alarmism properly debated in court.


4. Contact your local schools, colleges and universities and get printed copies of what is being taught regards global warming alarmism. Climate Alarmism is child abuse. Keep records. Seek legal opinion and take the necessary legal action to ensure what is taught is balanced science and not socialist propoganda and pseudo science. Take junk science to task.

5. Contact your leaders in business, sporting, spiritual and intellectual groups and associations. Demand they take action against the Copenhagen treaty now. If they dont then have them replaced with those who will take action, who will speak up and who will make sure this treaty is torn up.

6. Check the legalities in your location. If you are able start a class action against those groups who are misleading the public with global warming alarmism and putting peoples lives at risk. For example check the activities and statements of Greenpeace, WWF, UNIPCC, Al Gore etc Check if these groups/individuals/representatives have actively lobbied your political representatives and gained benefit from it..

7. Abandon the traditional media outlets who have refused to inform you. Do an audit of what they have written on both sides of climate change and distribute the results. Many have written to these outlets requesting fair press on climate change but have been consistently and persistently ignored. If you advertise with them pull your advertising out and place it with a publication that cares about the community, about truth and about balanced reporting.

Sign the petition here

We can work together and we can create the world we want. Lets stand up to those who seek to enslave us and take away those rights we have that have been so preciously bought. Lets reinstate environmentalism to listening to the environment rather than ignoring it in favour of socialist ideologies, lets restore science to healthy debate rather than politicised dogma.

More information; If you want to read up on what the media and the government hasn’t told you check the climate blog roll to the left.

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14 Responses

  1. Ratty says:

    Great stuff!

    The sort of thing I have been telling anyone who would listen and some who didn’t for a long time.

    Also, the Great Barrier Reef is NOT disappearing:

    “The persistence of coral reefs through geologic time – when temperatures were as much as 10-15°C warmer than at present, and atmospheric CO2 concentrations were 2 to 7 times higher than they are currently – provides substantive evidence that these marine entities can successfully adapt to a dramatically changing global environment. Thus, the recent die-off of many corals cannot be due solely, or even mostly, to global warming or the modest rise in atmospheric CO2 concentration over the course of the Industrial Revolution.”

    My advice: When politicians try to scare you, start asking questions and do some research.

  2. twawki says:

    Agreed. And its about to get a lot worse as the propoganda machines on climate alarmism spin out of control and our government and media seem totally disinterested in doing anything credible about it.

  3. MNBG says:

    nice blogg
    good suggestions
    bookmarked for future ref.

  4. twawki says:

    Thanks – I’ll keep writing then 🙂

  5. Ingvar says:

    The Great Barrier Reef is not unique. If theorists are right, about 10,000 years ago the ocean level was 120 metres below current level. Thus, there was no GBR. The idea of freezing a coral polyp for the future is absurd, because I ask: where did the origin for GBR come from? As the reef began to build as water levels rose, it has to deal with some environmental factors and adjust its growth accordingly.
    The most important factors for coral growth are sun, water temperature and water depth. It has got nothing to do with CO_2. If the growth gets too close to the surface, bleaching occurs because the coral gets too much solar radiation. Same occurs if surface temperature is too hot. As long as the depth is no greater than about 20 metres, I think growth, subject to above conditions, can be sustained.
    Now, I am not a scientist in any shape or form. To me it is evident that environmental scientists, engrossed in what they are doing, have lost sight of reality, common sense and respect for the unknown. Theories, being ‘educated’ guesses, are not facts even if consensus among peers is unanimous.

  6. Ratty says:

    Suntan lotions (sunscreens) have a negative effect on coral reefs too:

    “Another possible threat to the coral reefs is the tourists themselves. Reef walking, dropping anchors and pollution can damage the fragile corals reefs. In addition, suntan lotions and perspiration may also cause a negative effect on the reef environment.”

    “Poor water quality has also been shown to encourage the spread of infectious diseases among corals. Suntan oils, lotions and products containing sunscreens negatively affect the coral ecosystem because sunscreens cause the rapid and complete bleaching of hard corals, even at extremely low concentrations. The effect of sunscreens is due to organic UV filters, which are able to induce the lytic viral cycle in symbiotic zooxanthellae with latent infections, according to the NIEHS, “National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences”. They conclude that sunscreens, by promoting viral infection, will play an important role in coral bleaching in areas prone to high levels of recreational use by humans.”

  7. twawki says:

    Suntan lotions are toxic to man as well;


    And don’t forget fluorescent bulbs are not that good either (mercury leaching into the great barrier reef;



    But then if the oceans are cooling;


    maybe the thing that threatens the great barrier reef most is the sun!


  8. Ratty says:

    Hey Twawki, read your SolarCycle24.Com board email …

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