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The Smiling Assassins – Pt 1

Nothing has highlighted the uselessness and danger of the old media more than the ongoing global warming propaganda that is recurrently featured on its front page news whilst at the same time it censors skeptical opinions. The major networks are the most guilty of this as seen here and here.  Further comment is provided by the site Daily Censored here. It would also seem, as the blog ‘Ministry of Mythinformation‘ reports, our news has become non news with the real issues being ignored – see here. Also reader response is also being censored with those critical of Al Gore being censored here.

Despite the sun being more inactive than it has been in a century, despite the sun inactivity historically foretelling climate cooling, despite the world’s atmosphere cooling , the oceans cooling, the polar ice caps growing, sea level rise diminishing and there being record cold and snow around the world – the media has continued to print the opposite – that the world has a fever! It seems the old media has intentionally left the populace in the dark over what is REALLY going on. We need to enjoy the warmth while it lasts!. Often climate alarmist opinion articles are presented as fact and that opinion under basic scrutiny is exposed as typically outright lies. As they finally realise that they have done themselves a serious disservice they are starting to back peddle – but not enough to be honest about the facts! As usual with the old media truth and free speech have been on trial.

What do I mean by old media? – the tabloids, newspapers, TV news etc. Those we listened to BEFORE the internet. As they grew rich on our readership, our attention, as they eagerly hiked up their advertising rates, as they paraded themselves as reliable sources of information their levels of journalism actually fell, and fell to the point where now what they print on the climate has become nothing more than lying propoganda. Hardly what you would expect in the information age. Wouldn’t it be simply reasonable to expect them to have exercised due diligence and their duty of care and check the accuracy of what they print? You would think so, but even with many like me who over the years have taken them to task, even with the growing avalanche of online response showing people furious at the lies they print – they don’t seem to care. And what they don’t seem to care about is truth or our future.

If we look at the structure of the media it would seem these days the old media simply buys stories and reprints them. For example AP makes over $700 million per year from ‘selling’ news and says soon it will be charging up to $2/week for blackberry uses to access its news. Also the amount of journalists employed in the media is falling substantially. But hey if lying alarmism sells newspapers who cares – WE DO. But when we have been fed the lie of global warming when global cooling is happening and when now we have a treaty about to be signed that will take away our democratic rights and sovereignty and the media simply ignore it. At one time the old media saw it had a responsibility to write the truth, to alert the public – that responsibility seems to have evaporated along with the crappy global warming science. All the data that the UNIPCC used to base its scary end of the world predictions on has somehow recently just disappeared. This was after scientists asking for over a decade for it to be released so they could audit it. As a result there is now almost NO data support for their end of the world, fire and brimstone, earth has a fever claims. Did the old media alert you to this? NO. I didn’t read about it there – did you?

The old media are a business – and they sell a product. In any industry if you buy a product that is faulty then you should get your money back. However with the old media if you returned a newspaper and said this is crap I want my money back – they would likely laugh at you. Its become a case of buyer beware. They stand there like smiling assassins, posing as our so called trusted friends, wanting our time and money but at the same time being silent on the signing away of our future. When it is so easy to check a story and so easy to get the actual data on climate change – its all readily available on the web and yet it is repeatedly ignored.

There are supposed to be journalistic standards, press councils who uphold the ‘truth’. I like many others for years have written to them, complaining about the bias, complaining about the lies, complaining about the propoganda – all to no avail. They were simply NOT INTERESTED – often I would be told because a small opinion piece hidden in the bowels of the publication mentioned an all time cold record then it balanced out a front page screamer saying the world was doomed because we had a hot day.

Here are some of recent months media CLANGERS!

1. Artic ice free by 2012 – National Geographical ongoing sloppy and biased reporting. Yet the records show Arctic sea ice increasing by 500,000km2 per year

2. Sea level rise to drown cities, populace to lose rights of property ownership on coast. Sea level rise is actually diminishing!

3. Pets have carbon footprints as big as cars. Gee they still havn’t proven that CO2 causes warming.


So where does that leave us? There is a saying if someone hits you it is their fault, but if you stand there and let them keep hitting you its your fault. We need to move away and stop the old media abusing us. They have hit us with lies and propoganda so many times we can no longer blame them for our inaction. We must seek out the truth that they have failed to alert us to and make the effort we need to know what is really going on. Its about taking responsibility for our future rather than entrusting it to others that care naught for our well being.

1. Unsubscribe – don’t pay for crap. Tell them you paid for a news subscription and ended up getting a propaganda diatribe – its not what you paid for. Ask for your money back!

2. Don’t advertise in old media. Find reputable reliable sources who you would feel proud advertising with. Support those outlets that are good for you and the community. Notify advertisers that do advertise with the old media that you will no longer buy their products as long as they support such biased publications.

3. Delete old media from your bookmarks and find a reputable and reliable sources of information. We need to support those who are good for us not those who simply want our money and in return sell us off to the lowest bidder.

4. Find out the journalistic standards that apply for the publication you read. Take them to task, complain to the publication/s and to the press councils. We can make a difference. Evil men only succeed when good men do nothing.

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4 Responses

  1. ostrov says:

    Thank you,
    very interesting article

  2. twawki says:

    Thanks. Since I wrote this the MSM bias has become even more evident – theres no googlegate etc.

  3. Idersegobre says:

    Sorry for writing offtopic … which wordpress template are you using? It looks awesome!!

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