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Climate Communism – 2

Well its been an interesting week. Mainstream radio has picked up the debate on the socialist intentions of the Copenhagen climate treaty here, here and here. The alarmist puppets like Australian PM Kevin Rudd have exploded with their baseless climate propoganda on the front pages of the tabloids here and here. Online scientific response exposing the lies of the climate propaganda has been huge – see here, here and here. Editorial policy response online is here, here, here, here and here. Online videos are here.

Opposition parties are finally starting to stand up against the madness and lies of global warming – Quote ” One rank-and-file Liberal member was given rousing applause when he said global warming was a natural phenomenon and the theory that human activity had caused it was ”absolute rubbish” – more here. The National Parties Senator Boswell have said It’s a “dog of a scheme”, he said, and it didn’t matter what amendments would be moved to it, “it’s always going to be a dog”. Other Liberals are arguing a majority within the party does not believe humans are causing climate change. Maybe those of the Nationals and Liberals who see the appalling state of affairs should form a new party and get rid of the malcontents! Meanwhile disgraced PM Kevin Rudd’s claim of 4000 scientists supporting his view is shown to be laughable here.

The populace is starting to cringe under the weight of draconian climate measures – see here where the price of electricity has soared 22% and water 15% in the last 6 months alone! “But more price hikes are on the way. Last week, the Business Council of Australia forecast gas and electricity prices would double by 2015 due to global warming policies such as emissions trading“. Fuel poverty is becoming a reality for Australia and the choice for an increasing number will be heat or eat!

So finally we are seeing the climate debate that the climate alarmists have tried to claim for so long was over. At the same time the sun continues its cooling trend and the world slowly slides into deep freeze – more here. New Zealand has the coldest October in 64 years, US has third coldest October in 115 years, Czech Republic gets most snow in 100 years

The fear and loathing continues – more here

Interested to read more on climate change – see here for a list of current books on the topic.

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8 Responses

  1. Phill says:

    Keep up the good work. We need doscourse and alternate views on this. You are helping to lead the way. I cant believe facebook censored you.


  2. magicfingers4 says:

    Thanks for visiting Mickysmuses.

    I believe we are winning this shoot out with the green left, and feel that they have invested everything in a win. A loss to them over this issue will be catastrophic for them and they will go the way of the peace movement…into oblivion.

    Have linked, and look forward to more exchanges.

  3. Deet says:

    Having read, watched and listened to our ‘Leadership'(generous term for them) demostrate a complete disregard for any infomation offered to them (in good faith)from outside the IPCC to compare and consider, the completely disrecpectful attack on those politicans and scientists not of there view, the complete LACK of debate around this issue, and now the attempted emotional backmail being thrown around is both disappointing and quite disgusting. Our PM and team are showing there true colours now and it aint pretty. Hopefully more and more commentators will take up the fight to them.

    Spreading the word

  4. […] 7. Now don’t think about bucking the system because there will be the green police! No not the Nazi ones that searched homes in the second world war for jews and other refuges. But modeled on them. These green police will be empowered by the State to search your home for non compliance’s with the the carbon pollution reduction scheme which is part of your new law under the Copenhagen Treaty. And don’t worry business will cop it as well as individuals and families. SO you will be audited and fined. Oh and that’s on top of massive price increases for energy and water –  well if we have power because England, Australia and the USA are facing potentially powerless futures. Guess the eco-terrorists got their way – and their now legal civil disobedience was another step towards climate communism. […]

  5. […] climate communists wanted it to be one faith to rule them […]

  6. […] religion continues to be exposed as fraud the people are speaking up and saying no we do not want climate communism and any leader that supports climate alarmism will be deposed. Its time to stop the carbon taxes, […]

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