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Climate Communism – 3

It seems the so called consensus on climate change is continuing to fall apart, yet its hand wringing proponents still today push the same old chicken little propoganda as they attempt to manipulate people by fear and guilt into believing their lying scam. As the sun is quiet and the world cools scientists are repeatedly speaking out in recent years, months and weeks saying the factual evidence is not there to support the global warming myth! Finally politicians are also starting to speak out against what they see is simply a blatant socialist impost.

Nich Minchim of the Australian Liberal Party has echoed Lord Christopher Moncktons views when he said ” man-made climate change and pollution-reducing schemes were a left-wing conspiracy. ”For the extreme left it provides the opportunity to do what they’ve always wanted to do – to sort of de-industrialise the Western world,” he said. ”The collapse of communism was a disaster for the left and really they embraced environmentalism as their new religion. For years the left internationally have been very successful in exploiting people’s innate fears about global warming and climate change.” More here. and here. Overseas even politicians in India are starting to speak out and resist the pressure to believe in eco fundamentalism – see here

As evidence mounts here that Europe’s climate policy has been a disaster one wonders why any sane politician would want to bring that sort of damage on his or her constituents.

Looks like the public is finally getting leaders who will speak the truth after all. To our so called leaders we say this – we don’t want a binding treaty and neither do we want a sly political agreement that is simply the beginning of a treaty. We want the whole global warming scam exposed for the lies that it is. We want our taxes spent on real environmental solutions like reafforestation, clean technologies and toxin reduction – not wasted on global wealth redistribution schemes set up by fat socialist gravy train bureaucrats.

And yet we still have the likes of Mikhael Gorbachev today pushing the same old fear, lies and eco-terrorist propoganda here. Wasn’t it you Mr Gorbachev who said “I am a Communist, a convinced Communist! For some that may be a fantasy. But to me it is my main goal.” Mr Gorbagarbage Gorbachev we like democracy and wont be fooled into signing a treaty that takes our democratic freedoms away, freedoms bought at incredible cost with the lives of our forefathers!. It is highly ironic that we have you a Russian and Penny Wrong Wong a Chinese encouraging us to back something which is simply nothing more than a communist world order. Like K Rudd you may be eyeballing  a well paid position on the one world government but you’re selling your soul and the populace to the devil to do it!

More detail and comment on the Copenhagen treaty here, here and here.

More detail on ongoing scientific evidence refuting climate alarmism here (temperature record), here (sun inactivity) and here (sea level rise).

Radio interview on climate change here (all about natural climate cycles)

Great article here on intergovernmental organisations and the WTO. This is a prelude of things to come with Copenhagen.

Andrew Bolt blog here stand up and say to K Rudd that you will not bullied into silence.

Miranda Devine – Science cooks the books

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  1. magicfingers4 says:

    The fact that warmists don’t dare speak about “global warming” any more is a sure sign that they know the general public are seeing through their scam. Poll results confirm it too.

    This resource isn’t yet on your main page, I find it very useful.


    Keep on truckin’ !

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