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No wonder we are in this mess

I, like many others, have been writing to the political representatives in my Country asking them to oppose the ETS and oppose any agreement in Copenhagen. To his credit I actually got a response from my local representative Scott Morrison – and he has sent me a link to a copy of his speech on the ETS that he delivered a couple of weeks ago in parliament. I was shocked. It is no wonder when we have elected representatives like this who abrogate themselves of their responsibility to the public that that we end up in the mess that we are in. Where a bill based on junk science that will our ruin our economy and destroy our freedoms whilst doing nothing for the environment is going through virtually unchallenged. So much for standing up to corrupt governments, so much for any sense of opposition!

Some salient quotes from Mr Morrison’s speech are as follows;

“It is not about whether individual politicians here in this place, members of parliament, believe in climate change or not.”

Quite the contrary Mr Morrison it certainly is – its about you, as our elected representative doing due diligence on the science and fulfilling your duty of care to protect your constituents. Then you could base your actions on facts and not belief. It is about you, our elected representative standing up for what is right rather than negating your conscience simply because of party policy. Dumbing down your position to play ‘follow the leader’ isn’t what we voted you to do!

“The scheme we debate here should not be about even what the government is doing, because ultimately it is about what individuals do,”

This is a scheme put together by the government and for the government – even you yourself acknowledge it is about massively increasing bureaucracy. This government scheme will fraudulently tax and impoverish the populace whilst doing nothing for the environment. At what point do you fail to see your responsibility in opposition as actively defending the democratic, civil and social rights of your constituents? I thought that you, as part of the political process are there to protect and enhance the well being of your constituents rather than blithely dismiss your position and defer all responsibility to the populace. Funny, didn’t we vote you in to do the job you now claim it is up to us to do!

Mr Morrison here’s some facts you should know;

One faith to rule them all

Climate Communism

THE devastating consequences of Labor’s climate change policy

Mr Morrison here’s some science you should be keeping up to date with;

Cutting through climate change myths (radio interview)

Airborne fraction of CO2 emissions NOT increasing

Recent warming (1978 – 1998) entirely natural

Sea levels NOT rising faster

Potential cold dalton or maunder minimum ahead

Mr Morrison are you aware the world is cooling? Are you aware the sun has gone into solar hibernation? Are you aware that we are now in a cooling cycle of climate (Cooling PDO). Are you aware that it is the warm periods of the earth that are the golden eras of history and it is the cold that kills. I ask what steps are you taking as our elected representative to ensure your constituents are made aware of, prepared for and protected from the current cooling deepening? Oh I forgot – you are giving the planet the benefit of the doubt – PITY YOU COULDN’T DO THE SAME FOR HUMANITY!

The current threat to democracy is the greatest political test of our time, and you say its not your problem – Mr Morrison if you are not interested in being there for your constituents, may I suggest you vacate your office and allow someone who will be!

This is what scare tactics do

All it takes for evil to succeed is good men to do NOTHING! Edmund Burke

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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