The world as we know it

Get ready for the brave new world!

Get ready for the brave new world and 1984 revisited – all rolled into one!

1. OK here’s how things are playing out – as the world cools and science shows CO2 does not cause warming– we get our politicians pushing the one world warmist government through the signing of the Copenhagen treaty. This non elected, non democratic, non governmental organisation will be the new global State. Because you didn’t elect it you have no say in what it does, what it charges and no democratic rights to withdraw from it – in other words you are having your future signed away by your so called ‘leaders’ to a body that has no responsibility to you. 

2. Secondly, you’ll find, as part of this new Global State that your Government will have to PAY A LOT! Every signatory country will have to pay a minimum of 0.7% of its GDP – which (for example) in Australia is around 25% of public expenditure. So have a think about what government services are going to be slashed because of a 25% reduction in public expenditure – education? health? transport? If the Global State wants 3% guess that is the end of government – because they would be bankrupt. The new Global State will monitor every financial detail of your national government to make sure they get their cut.

3. Thirdly the bureaucratic green elite of the new Global State will allocate you an individual carbon allowance. Exceed your limit and it’ll cost you more money personally. As TBR saysThe only way of achieving this is effectively customer linking the bank accounts of every citizen and monitoring every transaction. In other words the State will know everything about your expenditure and carbon tax you accordingly. This is in ADDITION to your current taxes. As Lord Smith of Finsbury notes, this will probably require a unique ID number that all transactions are logged against.” Carbon communism here we come, next step a behavior controlling micro chip implant! Therefore every detail of your expenditure will be able to be monitored by the State. Oh and this is on top of the increase in cost for all goods and services because of the carbon tax, and dont forgot the carbon tax barcode on everything..

4.Your home wont be exempt either! The UK and USA are already considering regulations that require your home to be upgraded to new energy efficiency standards before you can sell them. In some cases this could render the value of your home worthless and unsaleable except at land value – so much for re-use and recycling!. Therefore every detail of your property will be able to be monitored by legalities by the State.

5. The Institute for Public Policy Research also says here Australia – aka K Rudd and Penny Wrong Wong have a crucial part to play in global emissions and that ” During a recent visit to the US, Wong unveiled a blueprint for a post-2012 agreement that she believes will satisfy the needs of all nations.

This post 2012 agreement will include a policy on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation in developing countries or REDD for short. REDD with the Group of Earth Observations (GEO), the Clinton Foundation and Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) will enact a global carbon monitoring system. In other words every detail of your property will be able to be monitored by satellite by the State. Additionally their Reddforests ‘profit for purpose’ business is set up by no other than an ex WWF employee. Bit like ‘follow the money trail Carbon billionaire Gore‘ and other cronies exposed at Activist Cash.

6. But don’t think you can escape by being in your car! Lord Turner was quoted in the Daily Express as saying “cars would be fitted with electronic tags and tracked either by satellite or roadside beacon. Charges would rise at times of peak congestion to around £1.50 a mile.” So every detail of your travel (unless you walk) will be able to be monitored by GPS by the State.

7. Now don’t think about bucking the system because there will be the green police! No not the Nazi ones that searched homes in the second world war for jews and other refuges. But modeled on them. These green police will be empowered by the State to search your home for non compliance’s with the the carbon pollution reduction scheme which is part of your new law under the Copenhagen Treaty. And don’t worry business will cop it as well as individuals and families. SO you will be audited and fined. Oh and that’s on top of massive price increases for energy and water –  well if we have power because England, Australia and the USA are facing potentially powerless futures. Guess the eco-terrorists got their way – and their now legal civil disobedience was another step towards climate communism.

The EU is also currently implementing Community Environmental Legislation.  There is also currently a draft International Law of Crimes against the environment (called Draft Code of Crimes Against the Peace and Security of Mankind (Part II) – including the draft Statute for an international criminal court). There will also be Crimes against Future Generations.

See they have it all wrapped up – you will not only lose your lifestyle and your income but also your freedoms. You have no democratic power and will be taxed and policed into oblivion basically. No reasoning wont help you – don’t expect this climate tax to be backed up by science – we have been told the debate is OVER! They have the facts that the world is cooling and CO2 doesnt heat the atmosphere, yet ” Late in 2006, the Institute for Public Policy Research, a Socialist think-tank in the UK, proposed that the Left should in future merely assert that there was no scientific dissent, the debate was over, and the Earth doomed – unless, of course, the economies of the free West were shut down as completely and rapidly as possible.”

There will be one faith to rule them all.

The question needs to be asked as to why are all these regulations are ready and prepared prior to any Treaty being signed and prior to that treaty and its implications ever having been discussed with the populace.


Reality check; climate of fear in retreat, heaviest snowfall on record, cold winter.

Reality check; Wong wrong, Wong wrong, Wong wrong

Reality check. Old media bias

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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