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Climategate Update

Some great new posts. Great video/commentary at WUWT here

To his credit Monbiot apologises. “I apologise. I was too trusting of some of those who provided the evidence I championed. I would have been a better journalist if I had investigated their claims more closely.” See here

Great summary of email contents by violation – see here. Also now the files are being checked it seems they are validating the emails – that the data has been manipulated. Breaking news – the files were sent to the BBC a number of weeks ago – see here University of East Anglia responds here. Their reputation hangs by a thread and that thread will break if they are seen to minimise, whitewash or deny any of the serious breaches of professional conduct.

Green fraud bigger than Wall Street Madoff fraud, see here And don’t forget Enron was the original champion of carbon credits! Alan Jones on the Labor Party FRAUD  here Liberal party opposition gains momentum here. Rigorous and independent inquiry called into the matter of CRU data.

Australian Labor Party still trying to force through the ETS regardless  – more here First head to roll may be Turnbulls! Whilst the Australian continues to ramp up coverage Fairfax Press continues its black out on the issue.

It wasnt that long ago that climate change alarmist David Suzuzki said “climate change skepticism merits jail” – see here Likewise James Hansen called for the punishment of climate change skeptics for “crimes against humanity. I think its time the alarmists are judged by their own words.

Oh and dont forget mistakes in Al Gores book begins with the cover.

Hopefully the circus is almost over and the animals can be locked in their cages and humanity can live on happily without the lying fearmongering.

It needs to be asked why the police in the UK, Australia and America have not already taken possession of the relevant computers within these organisations and started doing a thorough audit and criminal check.

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4 Responses

  1. magicfingers4 says:

    Andrew Revkin of the NY Times is being even handed about his treatment of this…see…


  2. Tom Forrester-Paton says:

    Is it too late to rename Climategate – such a clumsly word – “Fabrigate”?

    Seriously, the diffference between coverage of this issue in the blogs and that in the mainstream media is staggering. Even “The Australian”, on the morning of our ETS vote, treated it as of secondary importance. They have spent so long debating the quality of the Emperor’s New Clothes that now he appears naked they seem to be averting their eyes in deference to his modesty.

  3. twawki says:

    Climategate, Fabrigate or even Manipugate – either way history will look back in anger at those who invented the same, pushed the scam and covered up the scam. Yes all the mainstream media stands judged, I think they have shown to the world they are not to be trusted and for that reason I think their days are numbered.

  4. twawki says:

    Yeah reading around I don’t think Revkin has been that fair after all. See here;


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