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The War has begun

Totally hilarious here – more here

Breaking news; Former member of Parliament refused entry for having skeptics handbook with him see here ABC gets blasted online – see here Petition to UK PM to suspend climate research at UEA here 3 of Turnbulls front bench resign. New leadership vote today

It seems nothing is out of the question any more. Consider this the world is cooling, it is now a scientific fact that even the warmists acknowledge, the sun slumbers on and the global warming alarmists have been exposed as fraudsters making up their lying prophecies of global warming Armageddon. Yet we have governments around the world rushing to implement a warming tax that will do nothing for our countries, destroy our economies and do nothing for the environment and all based on junk science! In Australia this tax is being pushed through subversively, without due process, unexplained to the populace at one second to midnight. Consequently with Copenhagen it will usher in a new socialist world government.

Yet last night, like Al Gore and Barrack Obama getting the nobel Peace prize for doing sweet FA, Turnbull, after he rolled his party and the Australian people (in a satire) was awarded the Bankers Prize for; improving bankers profits worldwide‘ – great chcuckle. Fitting isn’t it – while he commits us the Australian people to a huge increase in the cost of living and a loss of democratic freedoms while he is making the bankers very rich. As Joanne Nova says “His work in defying science, polls, and any semblance of democracy is really rising above and beyond the call.” As Andrew Bolt says he could be gone by Thursday, with the Australian describing him as ‘dead man walking’ As the Australian says the ETS will get through if Turnbull survives the week – the message then to the Liberal Party is for all our sakes if you have any resemblance of credibility or conscience then get rid of him and the ETS NOW! before K Rudd commits us to a minimum of $7 billion dollar a year debt.

In what is an extraordinary week CEI files notice of Intent to sue NASA GISS. NASA have been implicated along with the UEA with doctoring the climate records to show its warming when in reality it isn’t. The University of East Anglia has done itself and humanity as gross disservice by whitewashing the whole affair. Despite evidence to the contrary Phil Jones denies he deleted emails. As the Air Vent says “I don’t think adding more dishonesty will help their case”. As Piers Akerman says “UNTIL last Friday, Wall Street’s scammer Bernard Madoff was considered the biggest fraud in world history” – now its CLIMATEGATE! it pays to be green! And now its been revealed the BBC has had the emails for 5 weeks!

The media likewise is coming under attack as its become evident that they are in collusion with political parties and after a history of suppressing climate skepticism have in recent days been suppressing the implications of the leaked Hadley files which expose climate data corruption.  Already formal complaints to the media and the Australian Press Council have begun, political parties are being overwhelmed, online debate is taking off. Yet the same old propoganda keeps getting fed to the fed up public in ever bigger doses in the lead up to Copenhagen. Nothing changes – but then maybe everything will!


Quote; WUWT “It is the illegal evasion of legitimate scientific requests for data needed to replicate a scientific study. Without replication, science cannot move forwards.”


Hundreds of icebergs drifting off NZ. Record cold and snow, Power industry to fail


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4 Responses

  1. twawki says:

    Yes Monbiot is the last person you would expect to hear this from.

  2. Ian says:

    The story about the BBC having the emails for 5 weeks cannot be entirely true. The most recent email in the leaked zipfile is dated 12 Nov 2009.

    This does however support the theory that information was being leaked by an insider.

  3. twawki says:

    Good point – hopefully soon we will have a much clearer idea as to what was and is going on.

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