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Liberal Party fails us

The Australian Liberal Party has failed the Australian people by allowing the ETS to go through.

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3 Responses

  1. Deet says:

    I’d say the whole sitution is a joke, but its not funny at all. Where we go from here I don’t know. Its up to the senate now to stop the ETS or at least stall it for as long as possible to allow more balanced views to be aired about agw. The propaganda has really ramped up today and is being splashed everywhere on the msm. No balance being shown anywhere. Lets hope mother earth continues to disregard the IPCC lies and can open up some more minds on this.


  2. Mike Justus says:

    all just too sad, really. seems like only now, the 25th, i’m reading and hearing from sceptics in the msm. one blow after another, and it’s obviously meant to dishearten the shepherds.

  3. twawki says:

    Yeah its incredible – despite all the evidence to the contrary we have these ‘leaders’ who are pushing through regardless of the cost and consequences – a bill that will be no benefit for the environment and devastate our economy. And all the while the world cools. Id expect that cooling to continue as the sun continues to slumber.

    On the good side is word is getting out – I am getting people coming to me saying it really is like you say. They are waking up – and we have to believe its never too late. There are also climate skeptics in the labor party and they too need to stand up. If skeptics in both major parties as well as the nationals worked together we could get somewhere!

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