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Climate News – Friday 27th November 2009

Dont worry that the world will come to and end today, its already tomorrow in Australia. Charles Schultz

Breaking news; Labors bid to pass the ETS has been scuttled as Turnbull may resign.

Comment; KRudd and Turn-bull slither into action as appallingly they try by any means possible to bring in the ETS despite the science behind global warming continuing to fall to bits. Voter anger is overwhelming politicians – it seems that the long perpetrated lie that the populace support ETS is now being shown as completely wrong. In what will be an interesting day in Australia the world might just start ending here – that is the dying world of political climate alarmism. Though it seems like in both politics and science what needs to be revived is TRANSPARENCY.

Science; Climategate unraveling – investigation into the impact of any purported science bias, Climategate spreads as NIWA in NZ exposed as doing a Hadley and fudging the figures up. CSIRO scientist faces punishment after being censored by KRudd Government. Farmers say they have no faith in BOM & CSIRO Bias in Australian temperatures exposed. Andrew Bolt says a word of advice to scientists the accounting has begun! Air vent continues to expose climategate fraud! The house of cards has collapsed. In western Canada & USA more cherry picking of temperature records exposed.

Politics; Liberals start to resign based on policy, Abbott says Nation held hostage to ETS,  disputing climate change still worse than holocaust, public mood over climate change has shifted. 9 liberals quit posts as party stands up to AGW fraud. Canada getting cold feet.

Legal; Whilst a petition has commenced to suspend the Climate Research Unit at East Anglea environmentalists blindly are going berserk suing about resort developers, river dredging, coal dust, governments and finally discrimination. One wonders when will they realise all their court cases are based on fraud!

Media; Media alarmists deserting global warming, Newsbusters – what the media wont tell you about the IPCC, ABC BIAS


Climate; Record low temps,

Dumb and dumber; Iceberg party,

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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