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Dirty Europe, Labor wants dirty Australia next?

The domino effect continues. Word is getting out about Climategate, where oft quoted scientists are being exposed as making up (see news report here) the global warming fraud. The ETS likewise is being ridiculed as BS. Despite the MSM and their collusive political partners trying to subvert open and transparent science and information the blogosphere continues to take off about the corruption. This is despite Google getting in on the subversive act and restricting searches. The public are becoming aware of what is being called as the worst scientific scandal of all time, public opinion against carbon taxes and Copenhagen is gaining momentum, calls for arrests are being made, global warming junk science is being dropped.

As the world continues to cool, the icecaps continue to grow, record cold is being experienced around the world and history is showing us the ETS is nothing but a scam – for example a report out on the DIRTY ETS in Europe has danger ahead written all over it for Australia and the rest of the world;

“The report concludes that far from creating a credible basis for EU level action on climate change, the ETS has instead established a web of politically powerful vested interest groups, massive economic distortions and covert industrial subsidies. It will do practically nothing to fight climate change. It’s good news for the traders and the large firms who will reap tens of billions of euros worth of profit through emissions trading.”

Politics; Firstly a political who’s who of global warming liars, secondly the MSM using polls to mislead the public quietly noting the poll is err ummm out of date!, thirdly the real world real time polls show;

81% of coalition supporters want the ETS delayed, 73% of Labor voters in the dark over the ETS

Media; The MSM continues to censor information and debate, even Google is now caught with its pants down, hardly surprising when Al Gore is one of its advisors. Reuters likewise typifies the selective reporting going on. The people are standing up – Protestors now on  TV news. In comment sections of ongoing alarmist MSM propoganda people are asking why the media is ignoring the CRU leaked emails that show the non existent global warming has been fabricated by fraudulent scientists.

Science; Climate Change Research: Institutions Ranked by Citations this list shows why the influences of corrupt scientists in Climategate are so pervasive and significant, Penny Wrong says its better to trust the corrupt scientists – guess they’re the only ones who agree with her! The corrupt scientists are starting to be investigated for their corrupt behavior, with calls they be jailed.

Our hopelessly compromised scientific establishment cannot be allowed to get away with the Climategate whitewash, says Christopher Booker

As a sign of the times Al Gore chased out of a bookstore and flees in panic down the street.


The church of global warming deniers, 10 minutes to expose global warming scam,  message to the green movement – you have been hijacked.

Climategate for dummies More Climategate fraud,

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2 Responses

  1. Mike Justus says:

    The Al Gore anecdote was delightful. made my day. thanks. Tomorrow’s Monday.. Australia’s D-Day?

  2. twawki says:

    Yeah it was a great chuckle. I imagined him with this look of horror on his face. Guess the limo and jet will need to be updated now – protester proof!

    Trying to work that out – there’s so many smoke an mirrors on it all – and absolutely no transparency. Its SEEMS AT THE MOMENT hopefully that the ETS will be deferred on Monday and leadership ballot on Tuesday with one, two, three or more contenders lol

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