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Back to basics – whats good for the environment

Three things that will be hugely beneficial for the environment;

1. Kill the ETS virus. This scam, still trying to be rammed through parliament at 1 second to midnight is a subversive and fraudulent tax based on fraudulent science fiction. As K Rudd/Turn-bull tries to bully Australia into being taxed to oblivion the populace are asking – why haven’t we been told about this, why hasn’t our government been transparent or accountable to the people on the ETS! Why haven’t the opposition stood up to the government on this. Hopefully Tony Abbott will succeed today in becoming the new leader of the opposition – he seems to be the only one with credibility and a conscience who will fight on policy and not position and who is putting the well being of the populace first!

In a radio interview with auditers of the ETS, Alan Jones highlights a $2 billion hole, all the while exposing this fraudulent tax as doing nothing for the environment. Imagine if all these bureaucrats got real jobs and the money was actually spent planting trees or clean technologies what a better world it would be.

2. Stop the Copenhagen cult. Copenhagen is just another junket for the green bureaucrats, the likes of whom wined and dined in Bali – all at taxpayers expense and hypocritically in the process created the carbon footprint of a small country. In Copenhagen double the number of leeches in Bali will jet in to discuss how to implement carbon policies based on what is now exposed as carbon lies. In the process we could get a carbon footprint up to 100,000 tons, as these chardonnay and latte bureaucrats wine and dine their hypocritical way to judging the world and trying to bring in a new world government.  Appallingly they will be impoverishing our countries in the process and taking away our freedoms. They have created a false crisis and now demand we must pay them because of it. A simpler and much more ethical solution would be for Governments to get off the gravy train and NOT GO TO COPENHAGEN, to put their people first FOR A CHANGE! Fat chance huh!

As the pollies continue to ignore CLIMATEGATE the dominos continue to fall. All the climate data is now exposed as needing to be reworked based on what open, transparent and audited records we now have left. Until that is done any policy based on previous lost and tampered ‘records’ needs to be put on hold, if not discarded altogether. Any policy based on fraudulent data will itself be fraud and any politician pushing such policies will be committing a fraudulent action.

Therefore Copenhagen is a complete waste of time and waste of money, and needs to be stopped before green sub-prime becomes even more!

3. Prepare for the cold. The longer and deeper the cooling progresses then the more dangerous this is becoming. How many lives have been lost already as a result of what Climategate has exposed – that there is a cooling trend and not a warming one? How many of the homeless have died of cold, or the poor increasingly slipping into fuel poverty. How many hidden, needless deaths are occuring because of current government alarmist policy? As the sun continues to slumber and natural cycles point to a deeper cooling ahead why are we and our fellow citizens being put at increasing risks from the cold and then impoverished further by a warming tax.

So lets help the environment in 3 easy steps – 1. Kill the ETS virus, 2. Stop the Copenhagen cult, Prepare for the cold. The environment will be a lot better off and we will be a lot happier.

Climategate botch after botch after botch, Climategate criminals compared to pharmaceutical criminals, criminal investigation begins in the UK, and in the US, and in NZ. The perpetrators of world’s greatest scientific hoax should go to jail. The great global warming cover up. The people scream we want to be heard!

Climategate files available online! Climategate press coverage

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5 Responses

  1. Joanne Nova says:

    Whoah. A great summary of the state of things. Twawki pulls no punches. Thanks for your work helping to spread the word of this fake scam created to suck thousands of dollars from every man woman and child in the Western World, and who knows how much from poor people in developing nations who can afford nothing.

  2. twawki says:

    Thanks Joanne much appreciated 🙂 Likewise thoroughly enjoy your site. We can all make a difference and ever one that stands up to be counted makes us stronger.

  3. Bev Huff says:

    Thanks again for your intense scrunity of this fraud. without your constant vigelance none of us would have been aware of the truth. As the media only printed what was popular and everyone just went along with it. don’t stop now as there is a lot more to do. Once again, Thanks

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