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It has been an interesting time in Australian politics and an interesting time in the MSM (main stream media), especially over recent weeks. It is becoming apparent nearly everything the MSM and the Government has wailed about with regards the climate, the opposite seems to be true.

Firstly for years both the Government and the MSM have acted pretty much like they were the propaganda arm of the UNIPCC, wailing about mankind causing the end of the world. Yet in recent weeks and confirming suspicions independent scientists have had for decades – the whole basis of global warming alarmism has been blown to bits by Climategate, the unfolding saga of how a small clique of elitist scientists have been the misleading the world, doctoring the data and hiding the decline in temperatures in what is a cooling world.

Secondly the Government and the MSM have been adamant that opinion poll after opinion poll (typically only polling 1000 people out of over 20 million) have PROVED that they have the support and the belief of the populace behind them, a mandate to act on AGW (anthropogenic global warming). Yet recently Turncoat Turnbull was deposed as the leader of the opposition for being a Labor Party hack and replaced with a climate skeptic leader – Tony Abbott. In the first test of populace opinion to his leadership, there were 2 by-elections overnight – one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. the Government and MSM wailed till saturation that he was the enemy of humanity and his party would be anhilated by the populace – reality check – the opposition actually achieved a small swing to them.

Thirdly despite anyone who disagrees with global warming alarmism being called flat earthers, deniers, skeptics, oil shrills and the like there exists quite a lot of politicians in all the major parties of Australia who through investigative research and checking the facts no longer support what is fast becoming known as the fraud of global warming. We now have National and Liberal Party MPs standing up to be counted. It is high time that the labor politicians do likewise. It will be too late for them to rescue their credibility and to deny their cowardice once the whole global warming titanic finally sinks into the cooling ocean.

So the world is not as the Government and the MSM would have us believe. The sun slumbers on – 2009 (like 2008 and 2007) is about to become one of the most spotless years on record. Historically spotlessness coincides with global cooling, and scientists say the cooling trend that is almost a decade old will deepen. Yet here we are only days before Carbonhagen Copenhagen with a PM who wants to jetset his way around the world like a Hollywood movie star, spewing copious amounts of the carbon he so vilifies and wasting further millions of taxpayers money to push his fraudulent agenda and his megalomaniac ambitions to get a seat on the new world government. Guess his hundreds of media advisers, paid for by our taxes will be scrambling desperately to reframe him in a totally different light – history will not be so kind! With time there will not be these vultures of vested interest to feed off the public purse to prop up what is nothing more than a despot totally disinterested in the wellbeing of the populace.

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3 Responses

  1. Deet says:

    The by-elections would have been a disappointment for Labor and the Reds opps mean the greens. Wonder if Rudd buys his(or should I say We) buy our carbon offsets from Al Gore?? Would be interesting to find out.


  2. Ayrdale says:

    Good passionate post !

    Typo alert, sorry “disinterested” 2nd to last line.

  3. twawki says:

    I would say Labor is running scared, their spin is being exposed as lies, people are getting educated about the climate.

    Yeah if you look at all the green cronies they all have their fingers in pies making sure they get a cut – the site activistcash exposes a lot.


    typo fixed 🙂

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