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Follow the climate money

The smiling assassins!

Australian gravy train to Copenhagen

Over at Bishop Hill they are discussing how scientific collusion = grants! Activist cash highlights how Environmental Media Services offers a pay per scientific view service. Climategate has caught out University of East Anglia, NASA climate centre and WWF’s cosy relationship. As the UN Grope fest continues its obvious the climate money your taxes pay, pays very very well! Just dont ask for a say in it – dont forget the science IS settled!

UNEP Eco debt $45 trillion Quote; “Entitled, “Global Green New Deal,” the UNEP report urges a “progressive and long-term global stimulus package — an unprecedented global green deal of jobs, capital and technology flows to catalyze sustainable growth and avoid dangerous climate change.” According to UNEP, “It is estimated that such a package to address climate change and energy development needs at the global level may require US$45 trillion up to 2025.”

(In comparison US GDP 2008 $14.2 trillion, global GDP 2008 $60.6 trillion – so every year for 15 years UN says world has to pay around $3 trillion a year!)

Carbon trading market to grow $1 trillion over 5 years

The UNFCCC secretariat wants US$ 300 billion to fix global warming

Copenhagen World Climate adaption debt. $70 – $150 billion/year

Global Green stimulus $94 billion/year – ref WSJ

US government expenditure on Climate change $79 Billion since 1979

Global warming jump start $10 billion

Al Gore $1 billion – tipped to be worlds first carbon billionaire, first AGW nobel laureate, first AGW Oscar!

Penn State University research grants $760 million where broken hockey stick author and Climategate ‘partner in crime’ Michael Mann operates.

WWF Income 2008$447 million euros simply for activism and lobbying.

Copenhagen conference cost $215 million – equivalent to the GDP of a small country.

Greenpeace Income 2008$50 million euros simply for activism and lobbying.

Makes you wonder what the budgets are of places like the University of East Anglie climate centre, NASA climate centre, UNIPCC salaries (rumoured they are in the 7 figures) etc All this money, all this squandering of wealth to achieve for the environment – N   O   T   H   I   N   G

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3 Responses

  1. m miller says:

    Oh, how the plot thickens.

  2. twawki says:

    Yes this isnt some random – oops look where we got to – its very calculated and very contrived!

  3. […] you want money there’s LOTS of it on […]

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