The world as we know it

Warm-mongerer's circus

Icebergs are being sighted again off New Zealand but now a giant 8 x 20km (5 x 12 mile) iceberg that broke off Antarctica in 2000 is heading towards Australia. The oceans must be cold to think that it has survived this long and is still moving towards the equator!

As the Copenhagen rhetoric heats up and the climate cools down – scientists are starting to speak out.  Will Alexander a South African scientists says; “The basic assumption at Copenhagen is that emissions generated by developing countries can be controlled by large scale donations of money and technology from the affluent nations. As with the science, this assumption displays a complete ignorance of how society operates in these countries. ” In media circle Revkin from the NY Times however toes the climate line again and shows journalistic credibility is less important the peer group pressure – particularly when your peers are a small group of well funded, well connected alarmists!. In more tomfoolery it seems the whole Copenhagen script is written by – you guessed it – the discredited Climategate gang, portrayers of scientific misconduct! These warm-mongers not only have no credibility they also have no conscience. I dont think the establishments of which they are a part of will ever live this down! And not to be outdone the MET office is accused of political lobbying. Guess the whole belief that science is impartial gets blown to smithereens – yet again! And not to be outdone a film director has been ordered from the grounds after a warmist professor was asked an inconvenient question he couldnt answer (seems like a lot of that going around lately) – so much for freedom of speech! Funny if any of us ran our businesses like the global warming circus we’d be in jail quick smart.

Back to icebergs, the Washington Times reports “Professor William Gray of Colorado State University, often described as the world’s most famous hurricane expert, warned this week that Climategate is “but the tip of a giant iceberg of a well-organized international climate-warming conspiracy”. Guess pacific islands are under a great bigger threat than that of global warming!

They lied, bullied, falsified documents, rewrote history, destroyed careers, impugned character, used people and placed the entire world economies in jeopardy

The Lies and Deceptions Continue at Copenhagen and Beyond

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2 Responses

  1. Deet says:

    This behavior by the UN and crew is truly disgusting. How can so many people not see it??
    Karma will come and it won’t be kind to these people.


  2. Jos Verhulst says:

    Cap Carbon actually exists.
    It’s a spot in Algeria, actually a cape pointing into the Mediterranean.
    ‘Cap’ means ‘cape’ in French. Algeria is a former colony of France.


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