The world as we know it

Show me the money!

Historical perspective on global warming

If you want money there’s LOTS of it on offer;

UK & France increase climate funding to 1.5 billion pounds (around $2 billion euro) per year. The EU is pushing for a climate funding unit commencing with $22 billion per year. In USA the Global Change Research Act had $5 billion at its disposal in 2004. Joane Nova has a piece on Massivc climate funding exposed. Also SPPI report – Government grant system = more an inhibitor of truth and innovation. Kevin Rudd continues his reckless spending of our taxes.

Funding applications;

You know back in 2001 we were advised careers in global warming were heating up The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) provides financial support to community groups to help create projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions (27.4 million pounds to be distributed). Or does your organization have a creative idea to help fight global warming? How about $151 million in research grants? There are lots and lots of funding opportunities!

Funding requirements;

Warm-monger Steven Schneider says We must think of climate change in terms of risk, not certainty“. That’s a conundrum if you don’t have certainty how can you be clear about the risks!

NOAA, opportunities

What has been achieved with all this expenditure besides the creation of more bureacracy? Has the climate been impacted yet? NO!

Global warming predators

I pledge allegiance to global warming

A list of grants/studies already done

Victims of global warming sue government

Skeptic watch by Government and paid for by your tax dollars!

And from Greenpeace “No one knows how much warming is safe“. Gee so why are they saying its too late? Historically weve learnt the warm periods are the golden eras!

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3 Responses

  1. twawki says:

    I dont think theres much that he has said that is accurate – its all spin and fearmongering!

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