The world as we know it

Dont consult the people

The megalomania of K Rudd and Wrong continues. The only thing that is sure is that they have no interest in consulting or considering the welfare of the people. After all KRudd/Wrong think they know better! That is except if you want a direct answer don’t expect them to give you one – especially if it relates to any factual backup to their climate narcissism.

“I asked Minister Wong in Parliament on 15 September whether the government supported this levy policy and she would not give a straight answer.”

K Rudd refuses to answer the cost of an ETS

If you ask difficult questions expect to be silenced

Climate debate to K Rudd is not an option

KRudd1984 says internet censorship coming your way!

100 reasons why climate change is NATURAL

Hypocrites at the Copenhagen Climate Circus

Tony Abbott has to deliver a written message to Mr Rudd, and put on notice the COP15 Management Board, that if Mr Rudd attempts to sign on behalf of Australia and its Citizens, to any binding treaty at Copenhagen, Mr Rudd will have been acting Ultra Vires (beyond his legal capacity) and the Liberal Party will, immediately they are elected to power in the coming March Double Dissolution, or other, officially, on behalf of the citizens, restore the Australian People’s Sovereign will, so ignored and remove Australia and its citizens from such illegal International treaty binding.

Citizens demanding truth in media – add your name to the list!

New scientist becomes non scientist, Nature magazine another propaganda arm of the IPCC

Record temp broken by 10 degrees – COLDER

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2 Responses

  1. Bev Huff says:

    It just goes on and on doesn’t it. The lies don’t stop despite the science to the contrary, and finally the thought that this all might be “global natural”.
    I’m glad to see the opposition is standing up and planning to do the right thing and disolve this dangerous legislation.

  2. twawki says:

    Yeah it does, but hopefully its all falling apart and we can get back to reason instead of emotional manipulation!

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