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Sensible solutions that benefit the public have been ignored

Sensible green solutions that benefit the public are being ignored in favour of bureaucratic control of the people to benefit nepotist industries. They want to control everyone, that’s why necessities (like power) are being taxed rather than luxuries!

Real, simple and effective solutions to CO2 mitigation that are good for the public are being ignored in favour of bureaucratic nepotism where citizens are over regulated to the benefit of conflicting green interests. Here are 3 simple options that if the $87 billion of our funds already squandered on spin/advertising, junkets (like Kyoto/Copenhagen etc) and bureaucracy of the climate alarmists were instead invested in sensible solutions what the outcome by now would have been;

1. Tree planting. Every landholder could have been provided with 2 trees that could either be planted on their property or out the front of their property. If there was only a 50% uptake and the cost of supplying these trees was on average $20 each then this would equate to 4.3 billion trees being planted (on an $87 billion dollar budget). If we said 20 trees absorbed 1 tonne of CO2 per year (increasing as they grow) then we would be reducing CO2 by 2.15 billion tonnes per year. If the world average of CO2 emissions per person is 4 tonnes CO2/yr then simply by planting these trees we would have offset CO2 production for half a billion people already! Yet instead all we got was the green elitists pumping our money into their politics, their propaganda and advertising and their luxury conferences! As we are realising by the way they live and act they really have no concern for the environment.

With this tree planting there would be added benefits of beautifying our cities and providing shade and as such minimising heat sinks in cities. Additionally if the trees that were planted were food producing trees such as nut or fruit trees then people would have access to some fresh food (rather than frozen/stored/preserved produce) and there would be the small increased benefit of food security.

2. Power poles. Here in Australia (as in other Countries) we still have power poles – typically made from tree trunks. So we cut down trees to make poles that then cause more trees under them to be cut down as they grow into the wires. The cost advantage of removing these poles and putting cables underground has been estimated at $318/yr per kilometer per year. In America there are 120 million timber poles. Most of these poles are treated with arsenic as well as other toxins. The poles are constantly a cause of death in motor accidents. If cables were placed underground not only would we be saving tens of millions of trees worldwide a year (carbon benefit of 40 million trees = footprint of 10 million people), the existing poles could be mulched/woodchipped rather than cutting down live ones (potentially saving another 40 million trees a year) and other trees could be allowed to grow that were regularly decimated with new trees planted. Our cities and streets would look much better for it and the ongoing costs to our governments (and us) would be reduced. We would have only needed a fraction of the $87 billion the climate leeches keep living ostentaciously off to put into this form of capital works then there would be multiple benefits. A good report on benefits here Sydney cables downunder. Instead we get 20,000 of them flying in from all over the world to live the high life and create the carbon footprint of a small country instead!

3. Lolly water/liquid candy. When one looks at carbon calories a can of coke emits 170g of CO2. When you consider worldwide in 2009 the softdrink industry produced 1.6 trillion litres and an average size soft drink is around half a liter. This equates to 3.2 trillion drinks a year. This equates to 500 million tonnes CO2 per year. Not only that but  the ingredients in soft drink are a witches brew. If you also consider that sugar is not only addictive, but also that high sugar diets cause a bodily environment ripe for disease – such as diabetes, obesity, tooth decay – all major issues for our societies. So not only do these drinks emit the gas the greenies hate they are also causing massive problems with the health of our society. They have no nutritional benefit and are damaging to people health, and the packaging and food miles involved adds further detriment to them. If for example a significant impost tax of 100% ($1/drink) were put on these drinks and that tax put into the health system then a policy based on this would have significant outcomes including a reduction in sugar and caffeine related diseases in society, a reduction in health care demand in the population, and increase in funding for public health as well as a reduction in gases emitted. If we were able to generate a 50% reduction in consumption of lolly water, 250 million tonne reduction in co2 (equivalent of CO2 production for 80 million people) 25% reduction in sugar related illnesses whilst increasing health funding by over $1.6 trillion dollars per year we would be achieving significant outcomes. If 10% of that soft drink tax ($16 billion) were put into reafforestation then we would extend the environmental outcomes ever further. If 35% of the soft drink tax was put into tree planting and reafforestation then we could fund the planting of 26.8 billion trees (at $20 each) and offset the emissions of the entire world of 6.7 billion people. All without screwing the economies, the people and bringing in a new world order!

It seems every action by the climate lobby is NOT about helping the environment, NOT about helping humanity, and NOT about sensible solutions. The climate lobby is simply about helping its own vested interests make more money and get more power. As the world cools these charlatans with their moral superiority expose their own greed and malice and need to be deposed as soon as possible. There are reasonable, simple solutions (like above) that dont require control of the masses and that will actually improve the lives of people around the world, that liberate people and not enslave them – this is what we need to be funding – not green elitist junkets and gravy trains!

Its not the climate thats changing but the thermometers. The Gore effect – heavy snow to hit Copenhagen. Climate communism in Denmark

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