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For years the warming alarmists have been telling us to ignore that huge ball of fire in the sky a million times the size of the earth and growing saying that it really has minimal impact on our weather. At the same time their doom and gloom scenarios about the end of the world are based on a rise of 0.6d c/century when the difference between sunlight and shade can be 8d celcius or more and the difference between day and night 20d celcius or more. Moreover annual differences in temperature between summer and winter can vary by up to 40d celcius or more. Yet inconveniently they also ignore historical evidence that a warming world is a life giving world, that the world has been warmer before and that it is the cold that kills. Yet our slumbering sun and dropping temperatures warm us that if we do not prepare for the coming cold we will be a lot worse off. And it will be the homeless and poor who are hit first!

IPCC says skeptics dont interact with IPCC process, dumbfounded skeptics say the IPCC ignored their comments!

AlGoring the truth!Copenhagen Circus Greenpeace – the authoritarian left!The climate change conference from hell. — The tipping point has been reached!Public opinion in NZ says NO to AGW

Sun’s impact on earth’s climateThe sun does affect earth’s climateClimate change is natures way

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