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Tyrants, Puppets and the UNIPCC

Humanity is witnessing the incessant desire of our political leaders to forge a global climate agreement any way possible, purposely ignoring the well being of their nations in the process. They are desperate to achieve this despite;

1. The scientific basis for their climate agreement being no longer valid. The data basis for the global warming theory has been lost, severely compromised, shown to be manipulated and invalidated by the environment. But they reufse to listen and press on regardless.

2. The reality being there is no rush needed to have this agreement signed, even if their global warming propaganda were true the world is cooling and will do so for another two decades. It seems the only need for the rush is to prevent due process and excludes other stakeholder comment and involvement. How can any of these leaders legitimately return to their country’s and stand there like they have any credibility left to govern.

3. With the rush there is no transparency by these tyrants and puppets to their countries as to the final wording of the agreement, no checks and balances with opposition parties, no facility or time for the public to read, question or debate the agreement prior to it being signed. They will sign subversively as dictators not democratic leaders.

4. Whats is known of the agreement is that it will bring in a new world government that will supersede our sovereignty. We had an example of this type of UN policy at the conference in recent days where Robert Mugabe – wanted for crimes against humanity was welcomed into Denmark by the PM and the UNIPCC on the grounds he has diplomatic immunity because he is attending a UN conference and is therefore immune from prosecution. He then went on to lecture the West over its appalling behavior. Absolutely appalling! He wasn’t the only war criminal there either!

5. The basic premise of the treaty in Copenhagen is to get the west to pay a climate debt to the rest of the world for untold billions of dollars and in the process bankrupt most of us. Not what we have ever been clearly told, not what we want and what will cause a backlash so severe that even the parties of these leaders will not survive.

History and humanity will judge these tyrants and puppets most severely!

Reporter at Copenhagen questioning climate alarmism is heckled, chanted, abused and finally hit.

Biased BS (BBC) Black,    So many despots, so little time,    New Station location – Cap Carbon! How to scare the hell out of your kids Copenhagen dissaray, conflict and lies Flawed models put questions over western science Its all a lie

No American President should participate in such a naked display of contempt for capitalism unless of course he shares it

We will impose global governance * Doomed Planet

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3 Responses

  1. Bev Huff says:

    Tick- tock, Tick- tock, I hear a clock, I wonder how long it will take for the world to find out we’ve been duped by our own governments?

    • twawki says:

      I think the world is finding out Bev – and its not pretty. Those like the MSM who try and ignore this or play it down will lose their credibility!

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