The world as we know it

An expensive bout of hot air

The Copenhagen circus, a dismal failure practically and publicly, was staged at incredibly cost and with a massive carbon footprint. Now these ‘leaders’ drivel back to their Countries most of which are facing record cold and snow. These squanderers of our wealth, pushing a fraudulent lie at odds with the environment should be relieved of their duty before they cause any more damage to the prosperity of our societies! Many of them should face criminal charges!

Copenhagen climate talkfest ends in a lot of hot air / communist style international wealth redistribution did not come to pass. / Copenwithfailure / UN says ‘we have the red button to control the earths temperature now pay us before we push it’ / Wikiclimatecontrol / Copenhagen condemnation / Copenhagen crumbles

Christopher Monkton on Copenhagen

Its SNOW Mr President

Video – the message of Copenhagen

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  1. Bev Huff says:

    Thank God for small mercies. I’m so glad our PM was not one of the invited ones to the closed door meeting between Obama and the Chineese. Me thinks our PM has learned to keep just a little up his sleeve. However what I do find most strange, after having the Canadian delegation walk out of the UN when mugabi spoke why didn’t the Canadians walk out of Copenhagen? Nothing has changed mugabi is still a mass murder, whith the blood of his countrymen on his hands.

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