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Gatekeeping – The art of climate alarmists!

Gatekeeping seems to be the preferred practice of climate alarmists. This is where people in positions of power control the flow and type of information, censoring excluding and manipulating the data that doesn’t suit their cause. Climate alarmist gatekeepers are being exposed as trying to manipulate public opinion by hook or by crook. William Connelly aka Wikipedia or as also is being called Liarpedia – keeps getting found out to have adjusted over 5000 articles on global warming to write off inconvenient facts and opinions that expose his alarmist push as fraud. Liarpedia’s response – do nothing. This, like Googlegate (where google adjusted autosuggest to minimise references to Climategate) and Climategate (where UNIPCC scientists manipulated the data and who had access to it) continues a long string of fraudulent practices common amongst the climate alarmist community. Even Australia’s PM is now being called out for fraud. Even though he is all talk and no action. And yet the data fraud continues unabated in the halls of climate science, with Gavin Schmidt repeatedly being exposed as another gatekeeper. It seems it all comes down to the love of money and power, with facts being cast to the wind. As they say being green gives you the right to be a hypocrite!

As the world cools, the death toll from the cold in Europe rises, Arctic sea ice keeps growing strongly, the USA continues to experience record low temperatures and it looks like the sun is finally starting to wake up.

It’s settled; climate circus was a fairy tale

From the Globe and Mail; “Has the science been tainted, is the question of our time. Has the authority and prestige of scientific practice been invoked at the very moment when its methods – its practice – has been, to any degree, corrupted or degraded?”

From global warming believer to skeptic, Obama pushes to make harmless gas a poison, shock horror even the BBC is starting to consider alternate opinions.

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  1. Bev Huff says:

    I belive it has been a long established practice by news papers and the media in general to print only what the owners of these establishments want printed. If any news goes against the moneyed interests of the owners, it doesn’t get published. So goes the scandel of global warming, only when the media is bombarded with the truth and can no longer ignore the facts do we see mainstream media doing anything to bring that truth to the general public.Shame on them, while plans could have been made to protect the poor and homeless those in power jumped on the wrong wagon and many people will die because of their neglect.

  2. buy diflucan says:

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