The world as we know it

Carbon Christmas and the Carbon Religion

Quote: “It is immoral and illegal when a group of scientists does not encourage or even allow debate on an issue. It is a tragedy when any person with a credible scientific background accepts a single hypothesis as an absolute truth when so many other hypotheses exist.”

Non think prevails on climate change religion, Green the new communism, What next?

If the greens have their way 2010 will be the year of climate communism and;

Carbon neutral pets.

Carbon neutral sport.

Greenpeacecarbon neutral sex!

Carbon neutral selective science as usual –  ignore kangaroos but include cows and sheep Excludes of all things trees.

The foundation myth of the religion of Environmentalism is man-made global warming.Its Old Testament consists of the books of Karl Marx and the lesser prophets who came after him: eg Lenin, Trotsky, Gramsci, Mao, Marcuse … Its New Testament consists of the Gospel according to Michael Mann and Al Gore, and the E-pistles  of the Climatic Research Unit Apostles.

Green lobbyists and activists spend millions to influence our leaders

Global freeze – Christmas Day 2009 – Australia App temp down to -16d celcius near Hobart, Massive snowstorm cripples US, Record snowfall & killer cold in Germany, Climate cooling will kill hundreds of thousands


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  1. jbeckeratheist says:

    Glad you liked our piece about the religion of Environmentalism and its Old and New Testaments.

    Please visit our site regularly for more quotable quotes.

    Keep warm!

  2. jbeckeratheist says:

    Our site, I should have said, being The Atheist Conservative


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