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Carbon Offset Guide – Show me the money!

Carbon offset guide here’s the list of criminals suspects all hoping to make huge profits out of your lifestyle!

Firstly what is your personal carbon footprint? There’s a footprint calculator here – which will tell you how many planets it takes to support your lifestyle (guilt, guilt, guilt). For the average westerner expect to pay big! Next do your spouse, and then your kids.

Next try your household. Here’s a household emissions calculator (ave is 10 tonne/person/yr). So a family of 4 is looking at around 40 tonne/year. At approx. $20-$50/tonne that amounts to $800-$2000/family per year – and thats JUST the beginning expect it to go UP! And this is on top of the climate debt your government is expected to pay despots in the third world. This is 0.7% of GDP or around $350/person in the west – so a family of four will be around $1400. How will the government pay this – by your taxes of course – so either expect services to be cut or other taxes raised to compensate. So the reality is $2200 – $ 3400 per family per year – all to achieve – NOTHING

But wait, there’s more; dont forget the carbon footprints of your pets, extra vehicles, even sex and sport may attract a contribution. Then there is the carbon tax on everything you buy – it all adds up to a very hefty bill – but you wont find this out till its in, the pollies pushing it will only whitewash the cost beforehand.  Oh and don’t forget events could even be taxed – sustainable events calculator More here

France throws out ETS as unconstitutional, Carbon tax criminals, Climategate criminals continue to recast themselves as victims

World Socialist Web, “To achieve the reduction in global carbon emissions required, nothing less than a complete reorganisation of the global economy is needed on a socialist basis.”

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  2. Peggy Grahn says:

    Hello, first I want to say great blog. I don’t always agree with your opinion but it’s always a nice read.
    Keep up the great work.

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