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2009 Climate Gongs and Awards


was the year that;

In 2009 sun spores became sun specks became sun spots. As the sun slumbered on, exceeding 2008 in spotless days barely visible, quickly disappearing specks all of a sudden got sunspot numbers. The result – official records showed 2009 finished slightly behind 2008 in sunspot numbers but both years placed in the top 5 spotless years on record. Unofficial records, when sunspot size is compared with hsitorical records showed 2009 to be higher than 2008. The 2009 procrastination gong went to NASA (Not About Science Anymore) for constantly being the last to be able to predict what the sun was doing despite receiving hundreds of millions in funding. Sunwatch blog award to Solarcyle24.com for keeping us constantly up to date.

2009 became the year when if its warming its climate, if its cooling then its weather. It was also the year that the Alarmists repeatedly stuttered the phrase even if its cooling its still warming. Oh and don’t forget the clanger – if its warming its because of man if its cooling its because of nature. In 2009 we saw the alarmists re-adjust the data to try and fit the failed AGW theory. All of a sudden La Ninas had an impact on the climate whereas in previous years ENSO was ruled out by them as insignificant. 2009 science fiction award to METOffice for constantly being unable to distinguish between juvenile model projections and actual climate reality – all the while predicting the warmest whatever on record as Britain froze. Again an example of tens of millions of taxpayers money being wasted on politicalised science and citizens lives being put at risk in the process. Nature got the Denatured gong for totally ignoring nature and New Sciennce got the Nudescience gong for being caught with its scientific pants down so many times it might as well have been naked. The 2009 science realism award went to Jo Nova for her ongoing realistic articles and journalism.

2009 was the year the SOI was negative even though it was really a lot more positive. The 2009 fiddling the figures gong to Queensland Government (long paddock) for its inability to get the numbers right and constantly get higher atmospheric pressure in Darwin and lower atmospheric pressure in Tahiti than actually existed. NASA were caught out in a similar scam where historical temperature records were maladjusted down and current ones maladjusted up to make it look like there was more warming than had existed. Checking the figures award goes to The Air Vent – for exercising due diligence on climate science.

2009 also saw the media have significant storms during the year as the rising tide of scientific skepticism washed out much of the MSM as they continued to ignore reality and instead maintain their eco-religious propaganda status. With their loss of credibility there was also a huge loss of traffic. BBC again took the Climate Crap Gong for the ongoing rubbish that everything they could think of was caused by global warming. Fairfax Press was a close second. WUWT got the Climate Realist Award for realistic open and debatable science. Along with its credibility its traffic surged, hitting 30 million hits, proving people want the truth and are more than able to make their own minds up on it!

And then in 2009 there was the If I hear it one more time I’m going to puke gong – going to all the politicians who stood up and said the science wasn’t settled but they were giving the earth the benefit of the doubt. All the while the committed trillions of dollars to a non existent solution to a non existent problem. End result real problems and solutions lost out – there was less money for education, housing, the poor etc. Big government expanded exponentially with the green elite and society lost out big time. The Environment award, going to those who contributed to the environment ,,,

2009 saw a new word enter the vocabulary – Climategate. As thousands of files and emails were released onto the web,  the world saw first hand what it had alsways suspected – that the small circle of elitist alarmists, who refused transparency, accountability and responsibility and were subversively manipulating the data. The Climate Fraud Gong the University of East Anglia for claiming to be the No1 climate centre in the world but ignoring all the principles of rigorous scientific method and then trying to whitewash the whole deal after it was caught out. Climate Science Award goes to Climate Audit for their ongoing open, transparent and rigorous discussion of climate science. In the information age with the net they set an excellent example where all discussion is in an open debatebale forum.

2009 saw the Hypocrisy Gong go to the UNIPCC for Copenhagen Carbonhagen where the green elite jetted in by their thousands to their luxury hotels and limousines to try and tell the world it had to cut back on its luxuries. As the appallingly planned eco-splurge ended up being caught in freezing weather the whole rotten mess simply fell apart. I dont think Copenhagen will live this disaster down in a hurry.

Last but not least the 2009 Snake Oil gong goes to the usual carbon criminals who lied, scared, refused debate, refused transparency, refused auditing but profiteered obscenely from the Global Warming lie – The line up is the same as previous years – Al Gore, Rapauchi, UNIPCC etc

Scientific irrelevant award goes to Realclimate but they really dont deserve a mention as their pay per view, manipulate the data and censor the comments policies show they are really not worth any time.

Alarmist of the year award here

Climate alarmist of the month here

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2 Responses

  1. Henrik Oelund says:

    Absolutely brilliant and informative. Thank you and a very happy new year.

  2. twawki says:

    Thankyou Henrik much appreciated 🙂 Hope 2010 is great for you!

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