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2010 Cherrypicking season begins

In the Australian today we are told that 2010 will be the hottest year on record (do they realise how worn out that phrase has become) mimicking the climate of the 60s and 70s with more cyclones and floods. Yet the the 60s and 70s were cold! History has proven extreme weather is more likely when the weather is cold as it creates more instability in the atmosphere and greater temperature conflicts. So unless the climate system has changed one wonders how we are going to get the events they claim but not the correlating temperature! Its also pertinent that the 60s and 70s – a cooling PDO like now – also had prevalent La Ninas – which also give off a cooling signal. So we are meant to believe that we have a cooling PDO, prevalent cooling La Ninas and yet have a warming climate. No wonder the MSM continues to lose credibility.

TV new lies, Burt Rhutan AGW skeptic, Evangelical AGW, Britain – coldest winter in 100 years

KRudd fascism

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  1. Patrick Mannelly says:

    We hear the same silly statements here in the USA. We’ve rarely had a colder fall and winter than this year and last…yet are told that’s “local weather” not “global climate”. Someone actually replied, “you wouldn’t believe how hot and dry its been in Australia for the past several years.” Piffle, somebody just want to get their hands into our pocketbooks!

  2. eclipsenow says:

    What a load of drivel!

    On the one hand heaps of sceptics go on and on about how the last decade, the hottest decade on record, has been “cooling since 1998”.

    And so now that they are saying 2010 could be the NEW hottest year on record, you have to resort to the vague and distorted post above? “How worn out that phrase has become?” Oh, I’m sorry scientific facts are not your thing, please do keep announcing to the world that you’re tired of the facts and they’re somehow inconvenient to you.

    But even though you believe it’s a worn out phrase, will you at least agree to not push the “Cooling since 1998” myth if 2010 turns out indeed to be the HOTTEST year on record?

    Your mob are going to sound pretty stupid if you just announce “Look, bright shiny thing over there!” for a few years, hoping to take our attention off the temperature records, and then turn around and announce…

    “LOOK! It’s been COOLING since 2010!!!!!!”

    (Hint: Learn to distinguish between shorter term natural variations in various Oceanic cycles and the longer term anthropogenic trends).

    You heard it here first folks. It’s been cooling since 2010! Now, will that be announced by Ian Plimer first, or one of your other heroes? Anyone taking bets?

    • twawki says:

      Why dont you do a bit of research before you shoot your mouth off

      There are 4 temperature records 2 land, 2 satellite

      The land records are biased with urban heat island effect etc

      The satellite records are more accurate and show the flat/cooling trend

      The world isnt getting warmer

      The world isnt behaving in accordance with the alarmist models

      CO2 is not causing warming in the upper atmosphere, in fact there is still no proof that CO2 is causing hardly any warming at all

      Keep to the facts – if you want to continue your abusive tones I will simply delete your comments

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