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Demonising the people, self worship of the leaders!

Mankind is responsible for some of the greatest goods and the greatest evils. The green movement however wants to forget the goods we can do and use our capacity for evil as a pretext to impose world rule over us, forgetting that those who rule are capable of evil as well. In the news today John Cox looks at this misguided green ‘romanticism’ and concludes that many of us believe we are an intrinsic part of nature and not some enemy of it. I would add that nature is raw and brutal, everything eats everything – it is the process of life – and yet the misguided green misanthropists (humanity haters) view suicide of the human race as somehow a good thing.

This green misanthropy continues to takes roots in our laws with property owners on the ocean told because of the fabled rising sea levels they cant change their homes – in other words they are being protected against themselves because of the fear that something that cant be proven may happen. So much for the individuals ability to make a risk and choice assessment of their own. This is further erosion of peoples rights.

But then we see landholders having their properties identified as conservation areas rendering them unable to make a living from that portion of their property. Yet the government is abe to get carbon credits from that conservation area – not the landholder. The value of the property is substantially diminished and the government continues to expect full rates on the property. As Joanne Nova rightly calls it – Fascism.

As ongoing auditing of Climategate and the temperature records continues to reveal the abandonment of science and mathematical logic we see that despite the whole AGW hypothesis being exposed as a scam, despite the environment totally contradicting the claims of the environmentalists, despite the fraud, the harassment, the lies, the subversive behavior of the climate establishment our so called leaders continue to turn a blind eye to it and continue to blithely give away against our will, billions of our tax dollars to those who least deserve it.

It seems the green elite on their green junkets and gravy trains have no moral problems with their hypocritical lifestyles and squandering of our taxes whilst telling the rest of us how to live. If we must achieve anything in 2010 it is the removal of these self interested fat cats from any position of public office, remove any misanthropist (humanity haters) from positions of power. Only in that way can we proceed rationally and intelligently forward for the good of all mankind.

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  1. Beverley says:

    I have always felt that the care of the earth is the responsibility of everyone, not the dominion of a few.We have never had such nonsense going on at such a large scale before. This I attribute to the use of the internet.Never before has mankind been able to touch so many, this can be both good and bad,Good, for the exchange of information, bad, for the control of that information and the attempted control of all information.

  2. Deadman says:

    Mr Hillary on misanthropy and morbid spirits: “… a happy disposition finds materials of enjoyment everywhere. In the city, or the country—in society, or in solitude—in the theatre, or the forest—in the hum of the multitude, or in the silence of the mountains, are alike materials of reflection and elements of pleasure. […] A happy disposition derives pleasure from both, a discontented temper from neither, but is always busy in detecting deficiencies, and feeding dissatisfaction with comparisons. The one gathers all the flowers, the other all the nettles, in its path. The one has the faculty of enjoying every thing, the other of enjoying nothing. The one realises all the pleasure of the present good; the other converts it into pain, by pining after something better, which is only better because it is not present, and which, if it were present, would not be enjoyed. […] these cankers of society complain of human nature and society, when they have wilfully debarred themselves from all the good they contain, and done their utmost to blight their own happiness and that of all around them. Misanthropy is sometimes the product of disappointed benevolence; but it is more frequently the offspring of overweening and mortified vanity, quarrelling with the world for not being better treated than it deserves.”
    (Thomas Love Peacock, Nightmare Abbey, Ch. VII)

    • twawki says:

      Agreed – mysanthropists have a chip on their shoulder as though the world owes them, and they spend their lives trying to get others pay their perceived debt. A happy disposition like you quote finds pleasure in the wonder all around us. I would rather a leader with a happy disposition as a leader who isnt caught up in the self worship of mysanthropists!

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