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Alan Caruba has a great article picked up by PAPundits on how left leaning governments have disdain for public opinion. There are many evidences of this and fronts we must fight on this year to retain our hard won liberties. I recall a conversation I had not that long ago at a dinner party where global warming alarmist came up and I put forward my view only to be scorned by this left wing woman whose final argument was people are stupid, they don’t think and so you have to run their lives for them. Needless to say she lost her credibility at that point and any support from those around the dinner table. This is the problem – the green elite think they are morally superior to others. This is part of the reason the green/socialist movement feel so intent on their global warming/global governance strategy – they think they know better than us how to run our lives. Yet all we, and most of society want is the freedom to live our lives as we choose.

Its the same on the issue of internet censorship. If we look at internet Law and policy around the world, we see again the growing trend from left wing governments to control the information that is accessible to us. It may come under the guise of protecting our children but there have been enough examples to expose this as simply being a trojan horse. Recent actions by Google where they have adjusted auto suggest to minimise references to climategate likewise should concern people as the free and open access to information is being tampered with.

Likewise growing disenchantment with the MSM continues as people rightly feel that they have been very biased on global warming amongst other things. The Press Council says stories should be identified as either opinion or fact, yet all to often opinion is presented by the MSM as fact. Just because someone is a scientist doesn’t mean their opinion is fact!. There are also growing concerns of State controlled media.

The other issue that has copped some hammering is FOI (Aus gov) and many governmnets are tightening up control here. ID cards – some people are claiming are mobile phones stealth ID cards

Ideally government is of the people, by the people and for the people. We want this in an efficient way as possible and in a way where our desires and needs are respected and catered for. That is what democracy is all about. We want civil liberties, equality and freedom of thought and speech. That these freedoms and liberties are currently under threat does not say much for the governments currently in power. Is it that we should abolish the states to create an all powerful central government? No this push towards a world government only lessons our choices and freedoms and must be opposed – totally.

The politics of green religion, Hating policies instead of hating people, Getting the facts right, Peter Spencer rally

When our governments think they know better than we do – it is time to get rid of our governments.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The most under reported stories of 2009. See here Journalistic sins commission and of omission,

More FOI requests refused; Australia, Arctic snow and freeze cause havoc!

America rising – video

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  1. Beverley says:

    What a great article. Love the cartoon, It’s so true, They shouldn’t be in power, but someone keeps believing them so they get elected only to inpose more tax and cut more services.I don’t know what happened to the majority of people, when I talk to them they seem to think someone is going to do something and make it right.Doesn’t anyone understand that they are the people who have to make things happen, or else THEY will do what THEY want and we’ll all pay and suffer in the end. How long will people decieve themselves before their world comes crashing down about their ears??

    • Rereke Whakaaro says:

      I remember that my father – a staunch Socialist all his life – had a pamphlet called, “A Socialist Handbook” (I think). That document had a list of phrases that a Socialist could “drop into conversation” to further the cause.

      One of them, to be used when people complained about something, was “Yes, I agree, you would think that They would do something about that, wouldn’t you”.

      As Joseph Goebbels said:

      “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few [simple] points and repeat them over and over”.

      First, create a feeling of apathy, then …

  2. eclipsenow says:

    “I recall a conversation I had not that long ago at a dinner party where global warming alarmist came up and I put forward my view only to be scorned by this left wing woman whose final argument was people are stupid”

    From someone whose tone claims the moral high ground, you certainly know how to ad hominem and play the person, not the ball! Well done on illustrating why right-wing idealogues don’t want to consider any SCIENCE behind why mankind’s relationships with fossil fuels must change. Wow, you’ve certainly won me over with your informed, scientific, knowledgable discussion! (winks)

    No really, if you had a clue I might feel threatened but please, keep on blogging, you’re illustrating that Conservatives think politics trumps the physics and chemistry of climate change, and so by all means continue to illustrate your ignorance. Hey, even big Arnie in California can get it, and he’s a Republican! But go ahead, you were trying to imply how ALL climatologists are in on a socialist agenda to control the world. No really, keep going… you’re about to write Dan Brown’s next conspiracy thriller for him aren’t you? 😉

    (The way you present it Climate Change is either the most frightening CONSPIRACY theory in human history or the most appalling natural disaster we are about to encounter. I know which way you lean! 😉

    Please continue your anti-science rants, they do SOOOO much better than I could in illustrating the paucity of Conservative thought.

    • twawki says:

      I dont claim any moral high ground – thats simply your interpretation. I look for facts, of which you presented none. Im a swinging voter but find the current big bureaucracy extreme left position appalling – I speak about that because I have the freedom to and want to continue to have the freedom to.

      I dont seek to win anyone over – that again is your interpretation – people can read what I write, do their own research and make up their own minds. If you want to argue the facts on global warming go right ahead – Id be more than happy to see how far you get.

      So Arnies a Republican his green policies are still appalling. If there was a democrat who had sensible policies Id support them. And no there are a lot of climatologists who think like me – that global warming is the biggest load of BS.

      So for all your claims the facts you present are zero! Says a lot for your argument!

  3. eclipsenow says:

    I’m not going to go over and over the top 26 myths against global warming that you of the Denialist faith recycle repeatedly. Others have done a far better job, including New Scientist’s roundup of the top 26 myths.

    What I really find interesting is that you’ll promote the anti-science DOGMA of the likes of Ian Plimer on your site. That says heaps! He has been repeatedly debunked by a number of prestigious organisations, and yet you feel he’s some sort of poor persecuted saint. No. He’s a quack who got addicted to making money from the “debunking” book… first against the creationists, and good on him, and then secondly against the global climate community.

    There are a handful of actual climatologists that might be against global warming, but their writing has been peer reviewed and rejected. Honestly, some of these objections are over a decade old and yet you and your denialist mates just KEEP ON recycling the same tired old things. Science evolves with new data! If you find you’re recycling the same tired old arguments, maybe that’s a hint to the fact that you’re pushing DOGMA, not science!

    And here is a round up of the top Denialist myths, just before you go stating them again for me (and actually making me cry… from utter predictable BOREDOM!)



    And here they are:

    What is happening now?

    New: Any cooling disproves global warming

    Global warming stopped in 1998

    Antarctica is getting cooler, not warmer, disproving global warming

    Polar bear numbers are increasing

    The lower atmosphere is cooling, not warming

    The oceans are cooling

    Mars and Pluto are warming too
    Does CO2 cause warming?

    Human CO2 emissions are too tiny to matter

    CO2 isn’t the most important greenhouse gas

    Ice cores show CO2 increases lag behind temperature rises, disproving the link to global warming

    Ice cores show CO2 rising as temperatures fell

    The cooling after 1940 shows CO2 does not cause warmingMovie Camera
    Why should I worry?

    It’s too cold where I live – warming will be great

    We can’t do anything about climate change
    Is the sun to blame?

    Global warming is down to the Sun, not humans

    It’s all down to cosmic rays
    What happened in the past?

    The ‘hockey stick’ graph has been proven wrong

    It’s been far warmer in the past, what’s the big deal?

    It was warmer during the Medieval period, with vineyards in England

    We are simply recovering from the Little Ice Age
    What is going to happen?

    Warming will cause an ice age in Europe

    Higher CO2 levels will boost plant growth and food production

    Hurricane Katrina was caused by global warming
    Can we trust the science?

    Chaotic systems are not predictable

    We can’t trust computer models of climate

    Many leading scientists question climate change

    It’s all a conspiracy

    They predicted global cooling in the 1970s


    Free speech is fine, but anti-science dogma is moronic. The only other option is a Dan-Brown sized conspiracy. Is that what you’re really pushing? Seriously, GROW UP!

  4. Eclipse Now says:

    Oh yak yak yak.

    How’s it doing in conspiracy land, where Dan Brown novels come to life? Come on mate, either this is true, or it is the world’s most successful conspiracy ever, combining governments and all reputable scientific institutions worldwide.

    Except when they get together in Copenhagen, they can’t actually agree on anything. And when the Climategate emails came out, they didn’t actually reveal any real conspiracy. In fact, when one looks at what Corporate sponsorship of the “scientific” likes of the SMOKING IS GOOD FOR YOU so called “Heartland institute”, we find that there IS a conspiracy, except it’s the other way around. Bush & Co lied to the public about what the climate science was saying, distorted the science, and tried to shut the scientists up.

    Climategate has NOTHING on that!

    If there was any less-than-professional behaviour from the climategate scientists, I’m trusting that the current enquiries will discipline those involved. For a ‘conspiracy’, they sure are a confused and disagreeable lot that can’t seem to actually PULL ANYTHING OFF, even though this is MEANT to be the most successful conspiracy ever.

    What a magical and child-like nightmarish dreamworld you inhabit.

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