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Vote for PM to speak to Peter Spencer here (LHS part way down).

Red tape on green policies. The watermelons at work again!

The BOM – accomplice in the Climategate affair released another propaganda statement yesterday on 2009 being the second warmest year on record for Australia. Quick to jump on the AGW gravytrain bandwagon failed greenie hypocrite Peter Parrot Garret said this localised warming was proof we needed to bring in climate communism and climate governance. Call me a skeptic but where is the original raw data that this ongoing propaganda machine keeps basing its lies on?

How about some reality on the issue;

1. Peter how about you release all records and come clean on the lobbying of the Labor Party by the Green Corporates – WWF and Greenpeace.

2. BOM Lets see the raw data and get independent scientists to check it. You know the data that hasnt been adjusted to show a warming that doesn’t exist. You know the scientists that are not on the AGW gravy train like BOM is. BOMs links to Climategate would also be fascinating.

3. Proof of the failed AGW theory. You see Peter localised warming matters to you but regional freezing doesn’t. Lets also consider the arctic freeze that is causing havoc in most of the northern hemisphere. Did you notice that global temps for December 09 dropped rapidly, and that there has been no warming over the last decade. It’s also pertinent to note that the southern hemipshere has seen a long term cooling trend. Did you notice that in the UK hard-up pensioners have resorted to buying books from charity shops and burning them to keep warm, with over 20,000 a year dying. Guess the green policies you so fervently push of drastically increasing the price of energy is causing a huge jump in fuel poverty and green deaths – we will see the same here in Australia this winter as you increasingly put the lives of the poor and elderly and not to mention the homeless increasingly at risk.

In case you hadnt remembered Peter, Commuhagen closed in a snowstorm and was an abject failure. The world doesnt want Climate Communism – because thats all it is. For the hundreds of millions your government has wasted on these lavish conferences, the increase in bureacracy, the vested interest research grants, the paying off the Vatican and paying off the UN for K Rudds seat– how much has actually gone to help the environment – appallingly little! Even more appalling – Labor’s policies are killing millions!

SACK THE Bureau of Meteorology – why should a government agency with a $250 million dollar budget with a recent additional $95 million boost of taxpayer money be wasted on an organisation that is about politics and not science, particularly when calls from scientific agencies for that agency to be audited have been ignored!

The nature of the political press, Who would you trust?, Hot weather headlines, cold weather obituaries, Arctic blast to deepen, Garret trapped in a paper bag, Global warming – global profit – how to make money out of climate science!

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9 Responses

  1. Ayrdale says:

    Interesting that The Times of London has turned down alarmist greenie ads. See…


  2. John of Cloverdale WA says:

    Yes let us see the stations that make up the grid to derive the BOM temperature anomaly plot. Bet you the airport stations are given priority over a more rural setting.
    I noticed a upward step on the BOM plot near 1978/1979, The gradient was flat or slightly cooling prior to that point. After that upward step the temperature gradient sharply increases. Looks similar to the homogenized temperature plot for Darwin which has been so widely discussed late last year.

  3. TonyfromOz says:

    Back in mid October, one of our local radio stations here on the Gold Coast had an interview with a long range weather forecaster, and there are two major ones here in Australia. In this interview, this particular forecaster predicted extensive rainfall in the period leading up to and directly following Christmas. He mentioned it would be from a decaying Tropical Cyclone that came South. The natural idea here is that a Cyclone would form in the Coral Sea area, and then roll South. Not many of them do, although there was one last year that did do this. The fact that this particular rain event was caused by the major Cyclone off the NW of WA which then rolled across the whole of the Country and then, as a rain depression did cause this rain event which is still happening, is by the by. This forecaster correctly predicted this significant rain event, and back in October.
    The other major long range forecaster is the Australian, Haydon Walker. He took over from his father, the renowned Lennox Walker. Lennox had before him Inigo Jones and Clem Wragge, both distinguished forecasters themselves and with extensive records for Australia going back to the early and mid 1800’s. Walker bases his forecasts on the activity of the Sun, and the other one I heard bases his similarly, as well as using the Moon as well.
    I directly heard this forecast in October, and when I mentioned it to my wife, she said that she also heard the same on a separate radio station, a report from Haydon Walker.
    Both of them, and independent from each other, said exactly the same thing, a significant rainfall weather event around Christmas and the New Year.
    These long range weather forecasters are treated almost as crackpots.
    In my earlier days in the RAAF, when I was based at Wagga for training, the local radio station there would broadcast Lennox’s weather predictions on a regular weekly radio spot. He carried on the work of Jones and Wragge beore him with access to all their records. In the farming community especially, his forecasts were religiously followed, and he, (and those 2 before him) and his son Haydon after him have better than a 90% accuracy rate.
    The point in all of this is that the BOM can barely predict weather one day in advance and get that right, while these so called ‘crackpots’ can predict it months in advance, do it with confidence, and in a matter of fact manner, and then get it right, and be scoffed at for doing it.
    Maybe, just maybe, (and these two in particular) long range weather forecasters have insight into weather, from detailed records going back now almost 175 years, and know more about weather than some of the non weather related experts who are being so heavily relied on in this day and age for information on Climate change.
    Sorry to take so much space.

  4. twawki says:

    Yeah the BOM doesnt have a good track record on being either transparent, accountable or reliable on the data and data based predictions. Darwin was hilarious;


    Also there were no external official audits of the BOM (see end of link below). About time one was done!


    Though it claims to have a fraud risk plan in place;


    quote; “we work with current stakeholders and new
    partners to align our national weather, climate and water services”

    $30 million new supercomputer for BOM – cheaper alternative suggested;


    And yet we get confirmation of bias at BOM;


  5. TonyfromOz says:

    This is the link to Hayden Walker’s site. He uses Solar activity and those 175 years of records for his forecasting.


    This is his page of links.
    To get back to the home page, click on the ‘prev’ tab at centre screen, and go back through the four or so pages.
    This links page has 7 links at the left (in the blue area) and a whole menu of 26 links at the right, including real time NASA satellites and also Weather Satellites, also in real time. There are also live Earth cams from many different locations, and there are hundreds of them.
    Each of these links has many further links.

    This is the link to the second site, that of Predict Weather, based in NZ, but also predicting for Australia, mainly using Lunar cycles for forecasting.


    Again, this page also has numerous further links.


  6. Beverley says:

    From the Canadian view: The west coast is having more snow followed closly by heavy rain. Our northern climbs seem to be getting colder and staying that way for longer.The central areas Saskachewan and Manitoba are remaining pretty much the same with the exception of greater rain in the summer during the growing season. However the greatest change seems to be in the eastern provinces where record breaking heat waves and in the winter snowfalls and storms that have no recorded history seem to be happening in greater numbers over the past 10 years.This is happening right underour noses and still the majority of Canadians don’t beleive that the earth is cooling. Go figure??

  7. Rudi says:

    Attention MODERATORS

    Could you please put up a front page link for Peter Spencer’s hunger strike to vote on the PM meeting with him.

    Link :- http://au.todaytonight.yahoo.com/

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