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Mass genocide – deathly cold

Most of us have seen the movie Titanic or at least know the story. Question – what killed most of the people? Answer – the cold. Most died from hypothermia in the water. OK fast forward 100 years and imagine the science fiction future according to the UNIPCC – a cruise ship bigger than the titanic hits an underwater rock, breaks in half and sinks – the waters are balmy warm. Assume everything else is the same. The loss of life would be significantly less. The fact is it is not the warmth we need to fear but the cold.

You see we are children of the tropics, we heat our houses to tropical temperatures – that’s how we have survived in colder climates – with fire, power, electricity, gas etc – all the things we are now being told are evil and are about to be taken from us if we let them. We like most of life need heat to survive. Assume the UNIPCC got its way, brought in its pet Climate Communism and voila says no heating allowed – all the while the globe continues to cool – well we would either all need to migrate to the equator or else simply perish.

You see the warm periods of the earth are when life flourishes and are the golden eras of history. Yet we are being indoctrinated to believe we must fear it. All the while the earth cools while they are trying to take away our ability to keep warm. It is said these Malthusians in the UNIPCC want to reduce the worlds population significantly – maybe this is how they will be able to do it.

Winter kills – excess deaths in winter months,

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  1. Beverley says:

    Shame on the lot of them. People freezing to death in this day and age.I bet Al Gore and all his cronies are nice and warm, no chance of them having to make a choice between heat and rent!

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