The world as we know it

Civil emergency in the making!

As picked up and commented on by James Delingpole in the UK telegraph from an original article in Samizdata by Brian Micklethwait;

Quote; The vast programme of wind turbines for which the bills are now coming in will not, by the way, avert the energy cut-offs declared last week by the national grid. Quite the opposite: as is often the case, the recent icy temperatures have been accompanied by negligible amounts of wind. If we had already decommissioned any of our fossil-fuel power stations and replaced them with wind power, we would now be facing a genuine civil emergency rather than merely inconvenience.

In plain speak – as the world cools and our governments try and replace cheap reliable power with costly unreliable power we are likely to see a huge death toll as people are unable to keep warm and a destruction of industry as they are unable to operate powerless.

Wherever you are make sure your politicians realise this is the madness they are creating for us!

Big Journalism, Who is Steven Mosher?, More on the masked man here and here.

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5 Responses

  1. Ayrdale says:

    Steven Mosher’s name appears likely to become very well known. I followed the comments on Bishop Hill, and read that he’s writing a book. I would imagine he has a lot more facts about CRU at his disposal, and that last year’s leaks are the tip of the iceberg. SS Greenmachine sails on in blissful unawareness…

  2. Sometimes I believe it is their plan to kill of the undesirables in any acceptable manner available to them.

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