The world as we know it

Al Gore they are coming for you!

freakingnews.comSee this video by Marcus Brooks on Al Bore Gore. Quote in describing Al Gore “you sir are evil, a scum, a maggot”.

2009 A climate of extremes. Will 2010 be the same? Ooops these are the er um real predictions (for non technical users)!, BBC – more of the same! Cold equals warming!

You too can make a climate prediction! here

2009 – SOCIALISING climate change, 2010 green profits

Some meteorologists are adament our world IS getting warmer!

15 Green predictions (warmest yr on record blah blah blah)

Climate model centre for decadel predictions. Cooling stations dropped.

Decades of cooling, The blogging hockey sticks! RC misses out again! Is the pope catholic?

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  1. Excellent stuff, as usual! The message is slowly getting through.
    But may I raise with you a new and important initiative we are running over at climategate.com? We are desperate for more expert help from volunteers to help me in our investigation of the facts behind the dropping of 806 ‘cold’ ground weather stations in one year from the GHCN data set.

    I’m currently in correspondence with Britain’s Climate Minister, Joan Ruddock and I’m pressing her to come clean about the widely unreported dropping of these 806 ‘cold’ weather stations as first reported by ChiefIO

    So far, with the help of readers on our site, http://www.climategate.com we’ve painstakingly gone through part of that long list checking into the details of the dropped stations – particularly their location – whether rural or urban and thus likely to be contaminated by the urban heat island (UHI) effect.

    You may well have guessed that what we’re finding so far from the few stations we’ve analysed is a trend that its mostly rural stations that have been dropped e.g. the dropped Australian and New Zealand stations are mostly rural (e.g. Port Nelson, Ruttan Lake, Joutel). Our readers successfully determined that the station count for the U.S. (in the GHCN v2_mean file) dropped from 1177 to 136 in April 2006. We were able to confirm this by importing the data and by doing a simple count of all station ID’s beginning with “425″ for the year 2006. Replication is straightforward apparently ( I’m no stats man -my contribution is as volunteer writer and legal commentator). I’m told this is a trivial task for any application developer to write the code to import this data and then analyse it. The most significant observation we have noted is that most of the stations left in the U.S. are airports (for the years 2006 and going forward- that’s a clear UHI type contamination in itself).

    What we desperately need is help from other volunteers to complete our task of checking all 806 dropped stations. I want to be able to press the case confidently against the UK Climate Minister as soon as practicable to shame and blame the guilty and to lobby hard for a re-think of the culture of closed-door science and research.

    If there is anything anyone can offer I would be extremely grateful. For more info and to read a copy of my latest letter to the Minister please see:

    All the best and keep up the great work!

    John O’Sullivan

    • twawki says:

      Great work John and very important. Im in Australia so can try and get the word out here. Like you Im more a writer than a stats man. Is there anything we can do here? Can you give us a list of Australian stations that have been dropped?

  2. cbullitt says:

    John, there is Anthony Watts’

    Though limited to the US, Anthony may have leads on the data you want.

  3. @ twawki, cbullitt, sorry for the delay in my reply – been busy writing articles for climategate.com
    cbullit-the stations list is here on chiefio’s site and you’ll need to scroll down the find the Aussie stations

    And yes, AW’s site is excellent and I’ve put a comment to that effect with a link on the thread to my article. As chiefio is finding, there does seem to be trend for global stations to move south, not be at higher elevations and most importantly not to exist in the real world ( e.g. the Bolivian fakery). Chiefio is the main man on the numbers I’m pursuing and since the John Coleman KUSI program I need to re-think how I put my energies to support his superb work and to avoid repetition and overlap. I’ll post this reply on chiefio’s site and hopefully between us all we can all put our time and energy where it’s most productive.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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