The world as we know it


From the folks over at climatesanity comes a new logo and story,

Seems like its not just the science lobby thats getting fed up with Wikicrapedias unashamed bias and propaganda;

Losing contributors, cabal of privileged left wing editors

Ten most useless statements from Wikicrapedia

Education taking a stand against Wikicrapedia students not to use.

Subjects find Wikicrapedia wrong & have problems updating themselves

Wikicrapedia takes legal action against artistsArtists fight back



In praise of secrecy, The pretend consensus – its all about spin, A deniers view of global whining, The problem with lying scientists and how they try to explain away their actions, financially stimulating climategate, Follow the political money trail, the times they are a changing, window shopping for models, hurricanes not really in a hurry.

CO2 emissions irrelevant to earths climate!

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4 Responses

  1. cbullitt says:

    Surprised it took as long as it did. Love the logo. I’ll stiuck it in the sidebar and link.

  2. Beverley says:

    I have had problems with Wikipedia in the past. I found that only American spelling and information was used and then it was misleading. I don’t allow my student to use it for research anymore.I prefer to rely on more established means of information. e.g. Canadian, when we need Canadian info, and then to the country of orgin for other.
    As to the misleading info on global warming- who do you think the major supporters are? Follow the money!

    • twawki says:

      Hey Bev – well its the lack of objectivity that brings it down as a reference tool. When you know its censoring altering views, maligning those it doesn’t agree with, manipulating data – it all ads up to a waste of time. That its losing editors in droves just reinforces its falling credibility. Great idea but very badly run.

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