The world as we know it


My apologies for the lack of posts but had to duck over to London to help a friend out. Anyway I’m back, not too fatigued and catching up with whats happening in the blogosphere.

It seems like the whole global warming charade continues to crumble – Phill Brennan talks about the web of deception, Anthony Watts and Joe Daleo with help from Chiefio discuss the appalling temperature record and how it proves only that vested interests have manipulated it beyond any sense of reality. Jo Nova takes aim at the UNIPCC and its appalling practice of using any junk possible in an attempt to prove its case.

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2 Responses

  1. handjive says:

    Welcome back. I was wondering why your site went quiet.
    Seems they could sure use some of that ‘warmy’ co2 in the northern hemisphere atm. Lots to catch up with as I’m sure your aware.

    • twawki says:

      Thanks Handjive, yeah I meant to blog over there but one thing led to another and didn’t get a lot of time. Yeah the domino effect continues as the whole climate change debacle unravels. As the ongoing auditing picks up speed there will be a lot of scientific, media and political heads that will roll. Yeah friend emailed me from France this morning saying its snowing AGAIN!

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