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Traitors to the public good!

UPDATE 4/2/10; The media are no longer reporting that these pollies will cross the floor, but instead saying just Malcolm Turnbull will. More news as it comes to hand. Have emailed both the senators requesting validation and await their reply.

Whilst everyone is entitled to their opinion, as political representatives of the public one wonders whether these two politicians are living like ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand. One also wonders about their ability to do due diligence on the issue of climate change and find out the facts rather than constantly supporting the green propaganda. As the ongoing debacle of climate alarmism continues to implode as investigations and audits continue into the scientific process exposing massive flaws in the data, the unrealistic extrapolation of data and the false conclusions presented by the data.

Yet in Australia we have 2 political ostriches – Sue Boyce, from Queensland, and Judith Troeth, from Victoria giving the planet ‘the misguided benefit of the doubt’ but denying any benefit to humanity or the Australian public. In their impassioned subservience to the green religion they are willing to support a tax based on lies that will rob Australia of billions of dollars (and in the process impoverish us as a nation) and all the while do virtually nothing for the environment.

At the same time they ignore that climate scientists at the heart of climate alarmism have been exposed recently as criminals undertaking criminal actions to support a theory at odds with reality and a cooling world. As discussed yesterday the new paper out exposing the policy driven deception of climate alarmism. In addition Nature magazine finally prints a paper that acknowledges that CO2 emissions have much less impact on increasing temperatures than previously thought. Also the climate modeling taken by climate warming alarmists to be more important than the cooling climate reality is continually exposed as blinkered.

One also wonders as to those in the Labor Party who knowingly admit the lie of global warming and yet are silent against it simply because of party policy disallows them to speak out – in other words they will support the ETS despite personally knowing it is appalling and should never be passed. So here we sit for the fourth time a fraudulent bill based on fraudulent science being tried to be pushed through. Doesn’t say much for the Labor Party at all.

Often the warming alarmists have claimed we need to act for the benefit of our grandchildren. The reality is our grandchildren will look back at these arrogant stooges and see them as appalling examples of corruption both politically and scientifically.

Senator Sue Boyce emails;  senator.sue.boyce@aph.gov.au,  online@sueboyce.com.au

Senator Troeth email;  senator.troeth@aph.gov.au

If you know of any friends, families, associates, organisations located in the areas of these senators it is important to speak to them and get them to voice their opinions to these Senators so these Senators know clearly that the voting public will not put up with the appalling support of the ETS.

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