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UNIPCC – a dead end!

It seems anything that can be prostituted for warming alarmism will do when it comes to the UNIPCC. As the weeks roll on and more and more auditing of their reports happen then it is becoming hilarious as to what they have relied upon to push their bogus views. It wasn’t that long ago they relied on Wikipedia graphs, but now we find very little of their ‘scientific claims have any scientific merit and very few of their referenced papers are peer reviewed. What we know of that which is peer reviewed from them we find was peer reviewed from their approving peers of a small small select cabal of agreeing scientists. So while they are screaming at the world, demanding it to spend trillions on climate change, the reality is that the UNIPCC’s  unproven global warming hypothesis is at odds with the environment and has very little if any independent, transparent and accurate science to support it.

The Australian looks at some of the ongoing littany of UNIPCC errors. James Delingpole of the UK Telegraph however says says Pachauri must stay as the head of the UNIPCC – because of his total incompetence!

Like Gore, Pachauri is an example of hypocritical greed at any cost where truth is irrelevant and the well being of humanity insignificant. Guess as they feel we as a race are a disease and dispensable then blatantly lying to us for them must be of very, very little significance.

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Glaciergate – its worse than you think!, A prima facea case of criminal fraud!, India turns up the heat!


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