The world as we know it

BBC – Blind, bogus, cLIEmate

As the climate alarmists continue to be exposed BBC the propaganda arm of the global warming movement shows it is has its own vested interest. The BBC in pushing the global warming alarmism is protecting their pension funds through climate alarmism!

But instead of taking their position as investigative journalists seriously the discredited UNIPCC reveals the medias malpractice. While the BBC and its cohorts were pushing the consensus and science is settled position they failed in their duty to both look into and report what was really going on – and integrity is not something they are going to get back in a hurry.

It wasnt that long ago the BBC speculated on 2010 alarmism – pity they couldnt have focused on historical and scientific fact instead. It seems as temperatures have dropped their hyperbole and alarmism have heated up!

Proving the BBC is one of a number of previously hallowed institutions Mother nature still defies the Met office!

NYT guilty as charged, More gravy train BS – alarmists getting paid to write garbage, Met office puts out the trash forecast, Misuse and abuse of scientists work by alarmists, UNIPCC continuing sins of omission, Ooops the ABC is slipping,

BBC T availableNew kid on the block, Questioning climate, AGW heretics,

500 peer reviewed papers support skepticism of global warming!

Promise of a better world – the reality is climate communism

Carbon credits no longer bankable!

An honest debate

Biased BBC – the website!

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