The world as we know it

Its all about the data

The list of climate alarmism data issues continues to grow. At this rate one wonders if there is anything left of the global warming hype that is based on reality. Just some of the data issues are as follows;

Who is next under the bus?, UNIPCC; As the wheels fall off, UNIPCC Questionable citations (and its a long and growing list of citations in IPCC reports that arn’t peer reviewed!)

Educational Fraud; Penn State University, Robert Mann and the discredited hockey stick, The State University of New York; Professor Wei-Chyung Wang, Hide the chinese stations. Fraud allegations here, University of East Anglia, Phil Jones and data adjustment; Hide the decline, Hide the chinese stations, University of NSW; UNIPCC mouthpiece

Latest UNIPCC exaggeration, Is the US Dpt of Energy still funding Phil Jones?, BOM is a real BOMB, Michael Mann as innocent as OJ, Australia will lead the world, No more free parking!

Quote Washington Times; “The simplistic and increasingly discredited theory of carbon-based, man-caused global warming needs to be discarded, and the scientists who sought to squelch skeptics and artificially inflate their own reputations must be disciplined. Alas, Mr. Obama and Mr. bin Laden need to update their talking points”.

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