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Malcolm in the middle?

Malcolm in the middle, Malcolm Turncoat, Malcolm Turn BULL.  There are so many names for the ex leader of the Australian opposition as he remains the only member of his party who threatens to cross the floor and support the appalling ETS being presented for the fourth time!.

Just a moment, it wasn’t that long ago as leader of the opposition he gave NO opposition to the ETS. Yet despite having been kept up to date by many over the fraud of AGW he still continued to support the ETS. Despite now in the last few months where AGW continues to be discredited and shredded by ongoing exposure over its fraud as follows he continues to support the scam where there is rampant;

Lies – Making claims over the climate and its impacts that were simply not true. CO2 doesn’t cause the warming claimed, Glaciers are not melting as fast as claimed, the Great Barrier Reef isn’t being destroyed, neither is the Amazon as claimed, etc etc etc

Manipulation – Adjusting the data to show a warming that doesn’t exist, manipulating the raw data to exclude heat island bias, sited the temperature stations where heat biases exist, exclude stations that dont show a warming trend etc etc etc

Maleficence – hiding the data, refusing access to the data, when legal access to the data is enforced by law claiming the data has been lost so their claims about the data cant be proven wrong,claiming a consensus when none exists, claiming the debate is over when there never was one,

Instead of seeing sense and strengthening the opposition position he has become like a spoilt little boy throwing a tantrum and refusing to see reason.

Its got to the point where the only person he is now harming is himself! For a man who was once viewed by myself and many others as smart, well spoken and potentially the next PM of Australia he only has himself to blame. When he has so many more reasons now to reverse his view, so many more facts to base that reversal on he seems intent on waddling off into oblivion and becoming a political byword for traitor.

So I hereby proclaim a new phrase for any politician who loses his credibility because of the AGW lie – the turn BULL effect! Other politicians beware!

(lets hope he comes to his senses and stands up against AGW and becomes at least half the man of strength he once was)

If you want to give Malcolm your views on the matter you can contact him here; Malcolm.Turnbull.MP@aph.gov.au Oooops I found Mr Turncoat on facebook as well! – here

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