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Al Gores getting his hands on your super!

Warning if you have superannuation you should act now or you may not have any;

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Helen Dwyer (D Jenson MP’s office)  informs me by email that “The former Vice President (Al Gore)  was in Melbourne this week to address the annual conference of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia where he hoped to persuade the people managing our retirement savings to show enough vision to buck the trend. (And to generate interest in one of his new business ventures, Generation Investment Management, a London-based firm focusing on sustainable investment.)


Peter Garret (Australian Environmental Minister) in a recent speech has said “In Australia a number of institutions have embraced the Principles. I understand that Australian Super, Cbus, Hesta, ARIA and UniSuper, among others, have endorsed them”.

However fund managers post Copenhagen are thinking of dumping carbon stocks – more at The ecologist here. Dan Box says “In fact, things have got so bad that various sources tell me many traders have now decided to quit the carbon business altogether”.

Are your retirement funds and superannuation about to end up in Al Gores pockets instead of yours! Best you contact your super fund to find out what is going on and ensure that the future destruction the alarmists love isn’t your financial well being!

Australia is likely only one of many countries Gore is targeting to cash up on!

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Solar Cycle 24 update

Global warming “science” continues to implode

by Rick Moran
Quote “The revelations have been nothing short of jaw dropping. Dozens – yes dozens – of claims made in the IPCC 2007 report on climate change that was supposed to represent the “consensus” of 2500 of the world’s climate scientists have been shown to be bogus, or faulty, or not properly vetted, or simply pulled out of thin air”.

The AGW gravy train and big oil

The so called “overwhelming evidence”

Another overpaid, green gravy train bigmouth

Killing the poor to save the green religion. This is criminal, this is evil.

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  2. […] savings?  Not if Al has any say in it you won’t.  He’d like them invested in Green things.  Preferably green things controlled by Al Gore, […]

  3. rexsyston_inyoutube says:

    I am amazed that owner of CLIMATE dot COM has decided that greed on his part is more important than the whole world being scammed by the likes of the United Nations, the IPCC and AL GORE, etc. And all those that are collecting £/$TRILLIONS at the expense of the poor and hard working. CLIMATEGATE dot COM is up sale to the first to pay $100,000. PLEASE REMOVE THE LINK as it is now hijacked.

    • twawki says:

      Thanks for the tip. Yeah was a bit surprised and read the thread on it over at WUWT. Thought at the least he could prob just leave it there and accessible or else do less work on it or volunteers

  4. […] Al Gore is getting his hands on your Super […]

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