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An open letter to our politicians!

An open letter to our politicians!

Australian lawyer, Val Majkus

Until Climategate occurred I didn’t really think much about global warming; like a friend of mine I thought ‘well the Government is relying upon expert opinion.’  When Climategate occurred as a person with a legal background and with an open mind I did a lot of research on the web.  In light of that research I immediately wrote to Senators before the CPRS vote in the Senate late last year and this year I have written to Senator Moore saying dodgy science doesn’t make good laws; in the reply I received from her office I was referred to extensive processes which the Govt had undertaken.  However those processes all took place before the revelations of the Climategate e-mails and therefore do not address the trustworthiness of the science.  This must be addressed by a Royal Commission before Australia is saddled with a costly scheme to address a perceived problem which it is doubtful does exist…….

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  1. Ayrdale says:

    I think the unravelling of this scandal will not only bring about the downfall of the IPCC, but in time will help to rein in the monster that is the UN itself. You can almost see the green left reforming and regrouping behind another UN banner as the wheels come off the green machine.

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