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Super Green, putting your retirement in Al Gores hands?

Further to my post yesterday on Al Gore seeking to get Australian (and international) super funds to invest in his companies I have done a little research and found an interesting growing web of government backed financial interests pushing for private enterprise to invest in companies that have  UN backed business/green policies. You will see below most Super Funds are now signed up and this means your retirement funds are more and more likely to go towards the likes of Al Gore and his associates. All without your knowledge or approval!

They call it PRI – the UN principles for responsible investing.

How much money do they already have signed up?

$18 trillion dollars

Quote; “In essence, those parts of the investor and finance community engaged in climate change policy discussions believe that the power for good of capital markets and private investors to allocate capital and release finance to the ideas, entrepreneurs, technologies, companies and communities which, at the end of the day, will deliver the much needed transformation to a low carbon economy, should be recognised in any agreement delivered by CoP15 or in subsequent meetings in 2010.”

See the letter to the heads of State at Copenhagen

Another speech on it here by Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett.

Quote from speech; “In Australia alone, there are 87 signatories representing more than $US500 billion in assets. Approximately 40 per cent of our funds under management have signed up to the PRI (principles of responsible investing), making Australia the best represented country in the world for PRI signatories”.

This quiet but overarching change is happening right before us in the halls of power and money we are not being adequately informed. These NGOs (non government organisations) are slowly increasing their power as their policy is backed by the government and foisted upon private enterprise.

UNPRI – how to control the cash flow, UNPRI academic, UNPRI board,

Whilst the left constantly derides capitalism they have no problem when in government of aiding and abating any business they see fit. Not only does this cause huge conflicts of interest but it also brings into question issues of impartiality especially when the whole global warming dogma continues to collapse. We now have the situation where hundreds of billions of peoples savings are being directed towards policies that are based on inconclusive science at best and fraudulent science at worst.

Check to see if your fund is on the list;

UNPRI signatories; lists from site as follows;

ARIA Australia
Australian Capital Territory Australia
AustralianSuper Australia
CARE Super Australia
Catholic Superannuation and Retirement Fund Australia
Catholic Superannuation Fund Australia
CBUS Superannuation Fund Australia
Christian Super Australia
CommInsure Australia
Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme (EISS) Australia
ESSSuper Australia
First State Superannuation Scheme Australia
Goldman Sachs JBWere Superannuation Fund Australia
Health Super Australia
HESTA Super Fund Australia
HOSTPLUS Australia
IAG & NRMA Superannuation pty Limited Australia
Insurance Australia Group (IAG) Australia
Local Government Superannuation Scheme Australia
Local Super Australia
LUCRF Super Australia
NGS Super Australia
State Wide Superannuation Trust Australia
Tasplan Australia
Telstra Super Pty Ltd Australia
TWUSUPER Australia
UniSuper Management Pty Limited Australia
VicSuper Australia
Victorian Funds Management Corporation Australia
Vision Super Australia

UNPRI Investment Managers;

Agricultural Management Company Australia
AMP Capital Investors PRI services Australia
Anacacia Capital Australia
Apostle Asset Management Australia
ArkX Pty Ltd Australia
ATI Asset Management Pty Ltd PRI services Australia
Atom Funds Management Pty Ltd PRI services Australia
Australian Ethical Investment Ltd. Australia
Aviva Investors Australia Limited Australia
Axiom Properties Limited Australia
Bakers Alternative Energy Ltd Australia
Bennelong Funds Management Limited Australia
BT Financial Group Australia
Carnbrea & Co Limited Australia
Challenger Managed Investments Limited Australia
CHAMP Private Equity Australia
Charter Hall Group Australia
Colonial First State Global Asset Management (including First State Investments) Australia
Dalton Nicol Reid Australia
Drapac Australia
EG Funds Management Australia
Eureka Funds Management Australia
Five Oceans Asset Management Australia
Global Value Investors Limited (GVI) Australia
Goldman Sachs JBWere Asset Management (Australia) Australia
Greencape Capital PRI services Australia
Herschel Asset Management Australia
Hyperion Asset Management Limited PRI services Australia
Industry Funds Management Australia
Investa Property Group PRI services Australia
Investors Mutual Limited (IML) PRI services Australia
Ironbridge Capital PRI services Australia
JF Capital Partners Ltd Australia
Legg Mason Asset Management Australia Limited Australia
Lend Lease Investment Management PRI services Australia
Maple-Brown Abbott Limited Australia
Members Equity Group Australia
Northward Capital PRI services Australia
Perennial Investment Partners Limited Australia
Perpetual Investments Australia
QIC Australia
Regal Funds Management Australia
Solaris Investment Management Limited Australia
Souls Funds Management Limited Australia
Stockland Australia
The GPT Group Australia
Treasury Asia Asset Management (TAAM) Australia
Tyndall Equities Australia Limited Australia
UCA Funds Management Australia
Zurich Financial Services Australia Ltd Australia

Green super, How to save the planet through super, How green is your super?

It makes you ask the question how secure is green investing when green dogma isnt secure at all! If AGW collapses, once again (just like the WFC) the fund managers will have made their profits and you’ll be left with an empty basket!

It also means if you are in business and you dont support UN policies you will see an ever diminishing pool of funds to support and grow your business. hardly what you could call democratic or a free society.

Dont worry Al Gore is on track to be the first carbon billionaire – like he lives in luxury – hell be able to retire in the same!

BBC climategate, More on the hockey stick, Manns misconduct – ongoing,

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10 Responses

  1. Ayrdale says:

    How is this underhand scheme to be resisted ? Certainly we can express our dismay and outrage that our money is funding UN activities, but fund managers are unlikely to respond if the returns are there.

    • twawki says:

      What returns. Most green schemes (solar, wind, etc) only happen because of government subsidies. What happens when governments run out of money and there are no subsidies? It means your investment goes belly up and you lose your money. Look at Spain for every green job created they lost 2.2 normal jobs. All that is happening is they are creating an artificial green business environment that is anything but sustainable – especially from a financial point of view.

      I would think people can instruct their fund managers on who they do and don’t want to invest their savings with – and to do so in writing. It is their money not the funds.

      • twawki says:

        I would also think that the government backing this scheme is illegal (need legal opinion here) as it is not democratic, does not support free trade or business practices and it is giving undue preference which is an abuse of civil rights. For some reason being green now means you have the rights to discriminate against others – I don’t think so.

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  3. […] for responsible investing) which directs superannuation/retirement funds into UN backed causes already has hit $80 trillion and growing. This means peoples retirement savings are going to be wasted on risky, expensive green projects […]

  4. michael says:

    Before slagging off at the UNPRI have a good look at what it is and what it isn’t. these overtones of world conspiracy and al gore taking over our money just makes you look nuttier than you may already be. The comments coming back are very confused and ill informed about how the financial system and super system works.

    – PRI is an extension of ethical investing. It is a set of internationally agreed principles for responsible investing in Australian and global firms via equity or debt markets e.g. buying stocks on the ASX. So it is a screening of firms that do business in a long term sustainable way ie. those that follow sound best practice (ESG) environment, social and good governance /risk management . These are principles that most sensible people would say makes the planet a better place to live in. Hence they are investing in major and smaller firms all over the global and not into al gore funds. Yes al gore has an investment business and he wants to attract super funds to use his firm just like AMP does. No different .

    It is no big secret…APRA regulations require full disclosure of all impacts on investments and so this is notified to all super fund members.

    – the big guys have worked it out. Calpers (Californian public employees retirement scheme) manages $1,153 billion on behalf of 1.6 million pensioners. These are the investment managers of one of the biggest pension funds and have one of the better investment teams in the world. They say “We at CalPERS found that these principles are consistent with our own corporate governance efforts and in accounting for environmental and social factors to enhance our investment returns.”
    They just might know a little bit more about this than you and I. So less global conspiracy and bit more balanced facts and arguments after good research vs. some tabloid level that you are doing here. Also being linked into global conspiracy peddlers like these http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=home
    really reduces your credibility.
    Come on this is the sort of stuff that late night callers to shabby shock jock talk back shows worry about. Do I laugh or cry?

  5. twawki says:

    What it is is the UN redirect funds into areas they benefit from – its not that difficult.

  6. […] UNIPCC – Copenhagen new global governance structure to oversee greenhouse gasses, PRI and how they aim to take control of the finance industry, REDD etc The ultimate aim of these GGOs is to usurp our national and sovereign […]

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