The world as we know it

UNIPCC green religion collapses.

It seems the skeptical position of science is slowly returning as AGW (anthropogenic or man made global warming) is being exposed as nothing more than faith with little if any scientific backup. As the UN has been using recent decades to build a massive bureacracy based on climate change in order to set itself up as the new world government the whole basis of its alarmism is repeatedly being exposed as lies.

In recent days reports have come out invalidating the role of CO2 in warming the climate instead pointing to solar forcings and water vapour as primary causes.

In the Australian today; A  vatican of a laboratory.

“Behaving more like a secular Vatican than a genuinely enlightened, open-minded, inquisitive gathering of investigative scientists, the IPCC’s overlords treat dissent as something disgusting.

Of course it is a serious problem when wrong or skewed or speculative science is promoted as “the truth” to the public. And what the recent climate-science scandals reveal is that such dodgy science becomes more likely as science is politicised and used to motor social policy and social-control initiatives“.

More here at Spiked! More from Spiked here on ‘post Copenhagen’

Sea level blunder enrages dutch minister, IPCC another fine mess, EPA and lack of due diligence,

Climatechange is just another ruse by the UNIPCC to try and control population

Weather scientist Climategate is just the tip of the iceberg

How climate change fanatics corrupted science

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