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The Cost of Climate Alarmism and absence of due diligence

At the opening of Sydney’s $2 billion desal plant its pertinent to look at Sydney’s water supply objectively.

In previous years we’ve had the alarmist likes of Tim Flannery, WWF, Greenpeace, and Labor chicken littles run around screaming saying unless we build a new desalination plant in Sydney the sky is going to fall Sydney will run out of water. During this time they claimed the current ending drought was worst on record, worst in a 1000 yearsthey were wrong. They claimed the drought was linked to AGW, they were wrong! They claimed droughts would increase, they were wrong. At the time dam levels were approaching 30%, they are now  more than 50% and rising – and rising.

If you ignore the green propaganda (CSIRO backs down on AGW/drought link, more here) and looking at natural climate cycles then what do we know?

1. We have a cooling sun. The sun has been unusually quiet (minimal if at time no sunspots) for the last 3 1/2 years with a low solar cycle 24 predicted & even lower solar cycle 25 now predicted. The impact of a low solar cycle historically is cooling temperatures (more here). Recently Svensmark also made claim that a spotless sun makes for more cloudiness which means less solar radiation reaching the earth, which results in cooling as well as more precipitation.

2. A cooling PDO. The PDO or pacific decadel oscillation is a 20-30 year climate cycle that affects us here in Australia. If we look at the historical climate we see that every 20-30 years we switch from a warming, dry (drought) period (1910s – 1940s, 1970s – 1990s) to a cooling, wet (floods) period (1940s – 1970s, 2000 onwards). Because we are now in a cooling PDO is why the monsoon is back, Lake Eyre is filling and central Australia is flooding.

3. Cold and wet times ahead for at least the next 20 – 30 years. The government knows this – that’s why they are building an extra auxiliary spillway as well flood escape routes being constructed.

So while the cold wet returns what is the likely cost on this one project from climate warming alarmism? $2 billion dollars and a power hungry eyesore chewing up seawater and then spitting concentrated saltwater back into the ocean – another environmental nightmare from the the environment lobby!

You can be sure the desal plant will likely get little if any use over the next 20 -30 years which means its been a complete waste of money and will be outdated by the time the next warm/drought cycle hits. If the Government had done due diligence as well as the foresight and common sense to delay building it then a more appropriate plant with newer, cleaner technology could have been constructed in another couple of decades when we actually may have needed it.

So to the people of Sydney this is one, simple, appalling cost of climate alarmism courtesy of Sydney Water, the Labor Party and the environmentalists. Each Sydneysider are progressively poorer for it. Water cost around $1 /1000 litres in 2005, (average annual consumption is 200 kilolitres) rising to $1.87 in 2009, with huge future price increases proposed. This is an almost 100%  increase so far in 4 years, and we are around $200 a year each poorer for it – not because of reason but simply because of religious eco guilt! And this appalling desal policy is being replicated around Australia and the world. All this when a cheap, simply and effective solution of installing rainwater tanks was mostly ignored, and made illegal for drinking water. Yet we still have the eco loonies preaching their doom and gloom while we pay the price!

This weekend rain swamps sydney water catchment

Preparing for dam failure flooding, Extent of the 1867 flood, Preparing evacuation routes

2006 – Supreme court, Sydney Water Supply, Bob Wilson – Greenpeace chairperson was managing director of Sydney Water Board.

Climatology is an inexact science, As the climate debate heats up the populace realise they’ve been conned, Police still trying to work out how to turn the computer on, India to form new climate change body,

From the Piers Ackerman blog:

With the science behind the IPCC’s reports falling away, the ALP’s religious basis for its new tax system must be thoroughly investigated before it is locked in place.

Simply calling those who have dared question the new religion “deniers” is intellectually on a par with the foam-flecked ayatollahs who routinely berate the “unbelievers” and call for fatwahs on apostates.

It is a dismal day for science and the nation when the Prime Minister has to resort to medieval oratorical tricks and religious scare-mongering instead of rational debate and fact-based reasoning to carry a political argument“.

What happened to global warming?

All time snow records for parts of USA

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