The world as we know it

Now the IPCC cowgate blunder

From The Farm; “ACCUSATIONS that “less meat means less heat”, inferring that cutting back on livestock production is a panacea for global warming, are wide of the mark according to the Australian Farm Institute (AFI).The Insitute’s executive director, Mick Keogh, points to some flaws in the way livestock emissions are accounted for in several life-cycle analyses (LCAs) that have been used to make cases against red meat production”.

It seems the IPCC in their ongoing over eager desperation to control humanity have triple counted livestock emissions by not acknowledging that livestock breath is carbon neutral, that there is sequestion in growing pastures and also excluding feed production of growing pastures. As USUAL IPCC practices seem to be this is what we want to achieve how can we fiddle the numbers to make it work.

UN losing credibility,      NZ weather service loses credibility,    We saw this coming for a long time!

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  1. Rereke Whakaaro says:

    Hmm, what about all those huge herds of buffalo that once roamed the American west? What about the huge herds of bison, elephants, zebra, and antelopes that roamed Africa?

    How did the earth cope with all of that methane and carbon dioxide in the past?

    The trouble is that the IPCC bureaucrats spend most of their waking lives stuck in offices in large metropolitan areas. They have no idea of what rural life is about – and this includes 93.78% of the greens as well.

    N.B. 93.78% is a fictitious statistic, and is therefore no less accurate as any other statistic used in this debate.

    • twawki says:

      I really don’t think they care about the environment its just an excuse to bring in their rules and requirements so they can tax us to pay for their self adulation and opulence. They’re drunk on their own power that’s why they have been so sloppy with their ‘science’.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by warmwell: Cowgate? IPCC have triple counted livestock emissions by not acknowledging that livestock breath is carbon neutral, http://ow.ly/14Il5

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