The world as we know it

UN salivating over greed and power!

UN taking control of the media, governance and the funds.

The UN PRI (Principles for responsible investing) which directs superannuation/retirement funds into UN backed causes already has hit $80 trillion and growing. This means peoples retirement savings are going to be wasted on risky, expensive green projects like wind power that only float because of government subsidies and that quite likely will have no returns. Obviously the UN gets a cut of course if not directs the funds to where it has vested interests, but the investors/retirees are likely to end up broke. And don’t forget the UN PRI Academic Network.

The UN FCC (Framework Convention on Climate Change) would have started with the West paying an annual climate debt to the third world of 0.7% of their GDP with the UN putting the figure between $25 & $45 trillion dollars. African dictators however have a draft text demanding 5% of the GDP of western nations. This if adopted by in future by the undemocratic UN could push the climate debt it insists the world to pay to hundreds of trillions of dollars.

The UN support from world banks and the World bank. Like the UN the World bank requires sovereign immunity. UN has funding of about $30 billion per year which it thinks is small as a world government. America in 2009 got all its debts to UN up to date.

The UNDP (United Nations Development Program) includes the  UN REDD program (control of world forests), .

The UN Global Compact seeks to provide regulatory control for businesses around the world which again directs business to follow UN agendas and principles.

In effect this NGO has already formed a world government all that remains is for it to remove our democratic powers.

Dont forget the UN peacekeeping force. UN WHO now wanting to tax us for everything as well. Guess if they take all of our money through taxes so we are almost bankrupt then they can lend it back to us and then they own us – a simply transfer of wealth. What are our governments doing to stop this – NOTHING!

UN redirecting the funds to its sources;

Opulance. Lavish climate conferences in Kyoto, Bali, Copenhagen, Mexico where there is no shortage of limousines, private jets, caviar and 5 star accommodation for delegates meeting to work out how to reduce the standards of living for the rest of us.  Likewise the salaries, business dealings and conflicts of interest of the UN. The UN proletariat certainly know how to look after themselves.

Green Bureaucracy; The UN is nothing more than a world government in waiting. As its funds grow then so does its workforce and need for more funds.

Climate alarmism. Based on a religious model – we humans have sinned aganst the earth and must pay for our sins to GAIA the UN.

Socialist intentions. The UN, Clud of Rome etc makes no secret of its malthusian and socialist intentions. Copenhagen agreement was meant to bring in their governance!

UN costs 60% of relief effort,

The size and influence of the UN has far exceeded what could reasonably be called safe and in the best interests of humanity.

There is way too much power in too few hands. The more power is centralised the more we will suffer.

The high cost of climate alarmism,      Norway – home of the hypocritical,     Favored funding – if your an alarmist,

The $4 trillion euro IIGCC,     IIGCC chairman /BBC head of pensions investment Peter Dunscombe,     UN global plan for taxation UN’s climate of cash

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