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So much for Labor democracy!

In an appalling display of anti-democratic behaviour the Australian Labor party today prevented debate on the ETS;

Quote from the SMH; “the (Labor) government used its lower house majority to gag debate and bring on the ETS vote before midday, when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered his second Closing the Gap progress report on indigenous disadvantage.

Opposition MPs said it was “outrageous” and “scandalous” that 13 speakers still listed to debate the ETS legislation missed out on having their say.

It is also ironic that the Liberal Party allows members to vote according to conscience and Malcolm Turncoat Turnbull crossed the floor to vote against his party. Yet the labor Party does not allow its politicians to have a conscience vote and as such dissenting voices within the Labor Party were also denied a voice.

So we have an appalling policy that has been shown to be based on fraudulent science trying to be rammed through parliament for the third time, without debate and without freedom for politicians to speak out against it. This policy will do nothing for the environment and harm our economic well being!

History will be remember this Labor Party as nothing less than one of the worst examples of politics in Australia.

More here; The Australian,

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