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The rise and fall of governments

At what point does a government stop serving the people and start becoming self serving? It is when that government becomes agenda driven. When it holds onto a policy regardless of the peoples growing dissenting voice. Where it refuses to acknowledge public opinion growing in opposition to its policies, it ignores new advances and understanding in science, it fails to acknowledge new discoveries and continues to push a flawed, unpopular policy.

That is what we have with AGW – anthropogenic global warming.

Not only is the theory of AGW unproven it is also at odds with the environment, predicting a warming when the world is cooling. AGW ignores the natural cycles of our climate and previous warmer and colder periods  to our peril. Those who push AGW – primarily the UN IPCC and their small cabal of scientists have been caught tampering with the data, using other non scientific and non proven data to ‘prove’ their points, they have purposefully excluded valid scientific data that contradicts their claims and they have even acted in a manner where dissenting scientists are ridiculed and discriminated against. And they have done it all in an alarmist, guilt ridden tirade of manipulation and corruption, often pushing policies through last minute with amendments no one reasonably has time to audit or assess to get what they want without due process and denying others the ability to exercise due diligence.

It has got to the point where we have so many governments and non governments (organisations) on the global warming bandwagon and gravy train with vested interests, lobby groups and financial and political interests that we the people and our well being no longer seems to be important, and neither does the truth. It is almost as though they are making war on us!

History has a lesson for these governments, organisations and activists – you are there to serve the people. They are the ones who fund and support you. When you cease to do that sacred duty of working towards their best interests they will rise up against you and this is what is now happening.

How whitewash destroys a universities credibility, Adjusting the temperature record – the Australian way, Wishful thinking, Looking at the data, Gore – hold onto your oscar cause its slipping!,

The purists executing their own, The hallmark of the left – censorship, UN IPCC knew it was a con but glossed over it. The global warming reality check!

Snowmaggeddon – the cartoon

Quote; “The reality is that mankind needs to start preparing for the ice age,” says Paar. “We are at the end of the global warming period. The ice age is to follow. The global warming period should have ended a few thousands of years ago, we should have already been in the ice age. Therefore we do not know precisely when it could start – but soon.”

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  1. cbullitt says:

    Speaking of governm ents and AGW–here’s some supreme idiocy I missed during climategate and Jokenhagen.


  2. […] À quel point un gouvernement de cesser de servir le peuple et commencer à devenir égoïste? C'est lorsque le gouvernement qui devient programme dicté. Quand il s'accroche à une politique indépendamment des peuples de plus en plus la voix dissidente. Où il refuse de reconnaître l'opinion publique de plus en plus en opposition à ses politiques, elle ne tient pas compte de nouvelles avancées et de la compréhension [. . . ] URL article original: http://twawki.com/2010/02/11/the-rise-and-fall-of-governments/ […]

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We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in. Thomas Paine

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