The world as we know it

AGW and group think research.

A number of sites are starting to use the web to help facilitate group think in terms of research and AGW. The benefit of this is that its open, transparent and easily discussed.

Climate audit is discussing extreme weather and if the current snow and cold can be attributed to global warming.

Pajamas media is trying to build a climate funding resource of following the AGW money trail.

Climategate is looking at building a new climate wiki – more here

How humans deal with and survive the cold, Whitewashgate, Inconvenient truths – the NZ perspective, Inconvenient truths in Australia, Inconvenient truths in Canada,

Famous last words, Pachauris voodoo science, Crisis of confidence in the UN IPCC which could undermine EPA ruling of CO2 as a pollutant!

The next climategate

Global warming is a looney state

American east coast digs out for the second time

Climategate is an embarrassment – Penn State students speak out!

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  1. […] Un certain nombre de sites commencent à utiliser le Web pour faciliter groupe de penser en termes de recherche et AGW. L'avantage de ceci est que ouvrir son, transparente et facilement discutés. Audit climatique discute météorologiques extrêmes et si la neige et le froid actuelle peut être attribuée au réchauffement climatique. Pajamas Media tente de [. . . ] URL article original: http://twawki.com/2010/02/12/agw-and-group-think-research/ […]

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